How to get a gambling license in South Africa

Gambling license in South Africa

So you are from South African and looking to get a gambling license in order to start your online casino, poker room, lottery website bingo room, or sports book! You may even have a game of your own design that you would like to get licensed in order to offer to your customers.

South African Gambling License

Gambling in South Africa is highly regulated and in order for local business to obtain a license they need to apply with their provinces gambling and racing board (national gaming board). The process is relatively straight forward.

Here are the local application forms to apply with the Western Cape Government.

International Gambling License

You may be a local South African company with a pre-existing gambling license and looking to offer your services abroad. This is something you can do and it is relatively simple to do.

Curacao Gambling License for South Africans

A curacao based gambling license is perfect for your business if you wish to offer services abroad. The license is regulated by the Governmnet of Curacao and is accepted by all banks and payment service providers.

We work with the local authority assisting our clients with their gambling license needs, contact us for more information!

Start an online gambling business

Start an online gambling business

When thinking of starting your own online gambling business, you may be tempted to go the whole hog from licensing, to incorporation, to writing your own software. And if you have the cash to do this, you may be tempted to believe this is the right approach.

We believe there is a smarter approach, this is how it works.

  1. Use a gambling programme manager such as who holds the neccessary licensing, payment solutions, software relationships etc.
  2. Set up your casino (can be done in a relativly short space of time)
  3. Test your concept.

If you are a game developer and your reason to get licensed is so that you can offer your game to your users, you can easily integrate your game into the platform. This is a relativly simple process.

If your test bare fruit, you are in a very good position to start the process of licensing direct and will help you with this process through their network.

Feel free to drop us a support email if you want more information or visist

Cost of a gambling license in Curacao

Cost of a gambling license in Curacao

So you are looking for a cheap gambling license? Well look no futher! Curacao is possibly the most affordable gambling jurisdiction inorder to start a gambling business. However, the costs are a bit more than you would probably expect, here is why.

Gambling license requirements:

  1. Have a local e-zone company
  2. Licensing approval
  3. Own physical hardware on the island

As you can see, you don’t just apply for a license, you setup a company then apply for a license, then you must buy hardware (you can not use your $5 hosting accountin the US).

The following are cost estimates:


Setup and maintenance of an e-zone company are:

  1. EUR5500 – EUR6500 one-time Incorporation fee
  2. EUR3250 – EUR5250 annual management fee
  3. EUR500 – EUR1000 monthly administrtion costs

Your first year for corporate costs are going to be in the region of between: EUR14000 – EUR24,000


Licensing fees for the online gaming (sub)license are:

  1. EUR4500 – EUR12000 (annual) license fee (costs vary between providers)
  2. EUR1000 – (one-time) application fee

Depending on the sub-license provider, you are in for between: EUR5500 – EUR13000 for your first year hosting fees.


You will require hardware on the island in order to satisfy the permanent establishment requirement (PE).

  1. Server cost: $1200 – $2500 (per server)
  2. Hosting costs: EUR6000 – EUR12000 / annum

A single server is not going to offer you redundancy, so you will likely want to buy at least three servers.

So as you can see, the real cost of a gambling license is a lot more than just the license application. In reality, you will be spending at least EUR40,000 per annum in order to satisfy the legal requirements. While this is a lot cheaper than most other jurisdictions, the costs do add up and they will become higher as online gambling becomes increasingly regulated.

We can help you with your license, corporate structure and hosting. We recommend service providers to offer you the licensing and corporate serivce and we take care of the hosting. We are able to cut these costs for you with an entry level environment. You will still need your own hardware, however, we link it up to our servers and provide you with a fully redundant environment.

We work with the local authority assisting our clients with their gambling license needs, contact us for more information!

If you are on a tight budget, we recommend taking a look at who can offer a casino that is deployed through
their SaaS platform. They are by far the best entry level option available to you and you will even be able to move onto a licensed environment once your business model has been proved.