Aland Islands gambling license

The Åland Islands are a region of Finland that consists of an archipelago lying at the entrance to the Gulf of Bothnia in the Baltic Sea.

PAF are an Åland Island company, licensed and controlled by the local Åland government and were founded in 1966 by charities. Their profit goes to good causes. They operate online on land and on the sea, having built their reputation on safety and responsibility. PAF employ over 350 people across Europe, they develop their own unique games.

Corporate tax: 20%

Gambling tax: In accordance with corporate tax rate.

Aland Islands gambling license

Who manages E-Gambling in Aland Islands?

Online gaming in the jurisdiction is licensed exclusively to the publicly owned, charitable gaming company Ålands Penningautomatforening, also known as PAF. PAF operates under the supervision of the government of Åland Islands and all revenue is used for charitable causes. Although PAF holds a gambling monopoly on the Åland Islands, it provides turnkey eGaming websites with operational services to other companies through its B2B gaming operations.  In June 2012, PAF was granted one of the first poker operator licenses in Spain for the launch of the website offering poker on the Ongame Poker Network.


Ålands Penningautomatförening or PAF is a Finnish company that operates a legal gambling monopoly on the Åland Islands, Finland. PAF also has an Internet-based gambling and gaming operation, in addition to operating and maintaining casino and gaming activities on a large number of cruiseferrys. The purpose of PAF is to generate funds for humanitarian and social causes on the Åland Islands.


Aland Islands gambling license

Minimum Share Capital for a PAFPartner Company:


Security Requirements / Indemnity for Player Deposits:

A variety of mechanisms are acceptable commensurate with the Business Plan and commercial performance of the operator.

Aland Islands Gambling License Fee:

€70,000 per year in lieu of all taxes (currently under review with a view to reducing the cost for start-up/smaller operators).

Aland Islands Gambling License Length:

One year

Software Testing Requirements:

Yes, technical standards are published by AGCC.

Reporting Requirements to Regulators:

Periodic financial reports are required.

Anti-Money Laundering Policy:

All operators must comply with AML legislation in force.

Country Restrictions:

No restrictions

Contact Details:

Paf – Head office

Lövdalsvägen 8

Pb 241

AX-22 101 Mariehamn

Åland, Finland

Tel: +358 20 7910 600

Fax: +358 18 22 030


Business ID: 0280695-6

Belize Gambling License

Belize is located on the northeastern coast of Central America. It is the only country in the area where English is the official language and it is bordered on the north by Mexico, to the south and west by Guatemala and to the east by the Caribbean Sea.

Corporate tax: 25%

Gambling tax: 35%

Fees: USD $10,000

 Belize Gambling License

Belize Finance Information:

The International Business Company Legislation was enacted in Belize in the early 1990’s, together with a range of other offshore laws. That led to growth of interest in Belize as a low-tax jurisdiction. More than 3 000 IBC’s were registered in Belize from 1990 to 1997, under the Companies Act of 1990 which is based on modern corporate legislation giving extended privileges and absolute confidentiality. The Belize IBC Act is worked out based on the best features of legislation adopted in other jurisdictions offering offshore incorporation.

Offshore jurisdiction ratings issued by Swiss company Guaranty Trust Ltd and compiled by many criteria including banking secrecy, legal system, and communications and tax regime, put Belize at the top of its list.

Who manages E-Gambling in Belize:

Belize’s Computer Wagering Licensing Act, 1995, which was introduced in May 1996, provides for the proper conduct and regulation of gambling via the Internet. The Act also provides for the licensing of computer services operators who provide computer Internet users with the facility to wager against each other on sporting events or other games of chance. The Belize Computer Wagering Licensing Board is responsible for all applications for licenses to provide computer wagering services and has  the authority to grant exclusive licenses. They also control and regulate all persons who provide computer wagering services. Online gaming licenses may be issued to businesses incorporated in Belize by the Online Gaming Licensing Committee, operating under the authority of the “Gaming Control (Online Gaming)


Belize Gambling License

Brief History:

In 2004, the Prime Minister signed a Statutory Instrument adjusting the Online Gaming Regime to make processing and monitoring more efficient and to reduce licensing fees from USD 50,000 to USD 15,000.

For a non-exclusive license. Under the original legislation, licensees were required to make a cash deposit of USD 500,000 as security for the performance of obligations. This requirement has since been modified significantly.

A license is required to conduct gaming from within Belize and gaming business (wagering) cannot be conducted with Belize residents.

One license can be held at any one time and only persons with integrity, competence, and adequate financial means.

Licensees need a separate bank account for processing wagers and may charge a processing fee up to 5 percent of each transaction or the sum of USD 20, whichever is greater.

A 15 percent withholding tax on payments of prizes is implemented by holders of wagering licenses.  Annual Licenses expire on March 31 regardless of the issuance date.

In August, 2007 the government of Belize released a statement warning of clandestine companies claiming to have been licensed in Belize when, in fact, Fulton Data Processing Limited and Bwin Intercontinental Limited were the only two operators licensed there.

Minimum Share Capital for an iGaming Company:

There is no minimum share capital authorized in Belize. If there is no share capital, fees are charged according to the number of members.

Security Requirements / Indemnity for Player Deposits:

All license holders are required to maintain security deposits and reserves within the Central Bank of Belize that can be drawn on for the purposes of any debt repayment associated with the enterprise on line gambling activities. The Belizean Online Gaming Licensing Committee must be informed if the enterprise requires these deposits and reserves at any point and must then follow the Committees recommendations.

Belize Gambling Licence Fee:

Licenses are valid for 12 months, and require a USD $10,000 initial payment and USD $10,000 annual renewal fee. Online gaming sites licensed in Belize may not accept wagers from residents of Belize.

Licence Length:

One year

Anti-Money Laundering Policy:

The Money Laundering (Prevention) Act of 1996 creates specific procedures and standards that, when adhered to, will ensure that The BOSL Group, and the financial services industry in Belize in general, remains free of tainted funds and other assets.

Resolution of Complaints and Disputes:

There is no documented official complaints or dispute resolution process available for players in a dispute with a casino licensed in Belize. In such cases players are totally at the mercy of the honesty of the operator,

Belize Restrictions:

Anyone intending to conduct online gaming in Belize must be licensed by the Gaming control board. The conditions of the license prohibit the online gaming operator from accepting bets from any person resident within Belize.

Contact Details:

Belize Gaming Control Board


New Administration Building

Belmopan, Cayo



Online casinos licensed in Belize:


All Poker Games

Amazing Video Poker

Carib Sports Off Shore

Casino Grande

Casino Mel

Casino Poker Las Vegas



Forex Metal

ForexBroker Inc

Jeux de Cesar

Lotto London

Lucky Gate Casino

Maximus Casino

Online Casino Fever


Option Ground

Rockland Casino

Royal City Casino

Russian Casino

Sizzling Slots

Video Poker Classic Casino

Video Poker Saloon

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Dominica Gambling License

Dominica gambling license

Dominica was first colonised by the Spanish, then colonised by the French and British before finally obtaining independence in 1978. It has been nicknamed the “Nature Isle of the Caribbean for its unspoiled natural beauty. It is the youngest island in the Lesser Antilles, still being formed by geothermal-volcanic activity, as evidenced by the world’s second-largest hot spring, Boiling Lake. Christopher Columbus named the island after the day of the week on which he spotted it: Sunday (dies Dominica in Latin).

Corporate Tax: 25%

Gambling Tax: TBA

dominica gambling license

Who manages E-Gambling in Dominica?

International Business Company (IBC) Act of Dominica 1996.


Dominica offers one of the world’s most advanced fibre optics and satellite facilities, providing immediate and easy telecommunications. Customs duty are exempted for imports needed to carry out online gaming activities. Offshore companies, such as online gaming companies, are not subject to foreign exchange control, but all licensed Internet gaming companies must have a local office and local address and must appoint a Dominican resident as the registered agent.

Dominica gambling license

Minimum Share Capital for an iGaming Company:


Licence Fee:

There is an application fee of USD $15,000 for the first application and USD $10,000 for each additional application. Licensees must pay an annual license fee of USD $75,000, or alternatively an annual license fee of the greater of USD $50,000 or 5% of their gross revenue. Capital of at least USD $500,000 is required, of which USD $100,000 must be in Dominican government bonds.

Licence Length:

One year

Software Testing Requirements:

Licensees must submit a certificate from an independent testing laboratory assuring fairness of the games offered and attesting that there are reliable controls in place to curb problem gambling prevent access to minors and citizens of Dominica.

Reporting Requirements to Regulators:

The operator’s books of accounts shall be open to inspection.

Anti-Money Laundering Policy:

All operators must comply with AML legislation in force.

Country Restrictions:

No minors or citizens of Dominica.

Contact Details:


Ministry of Finance International Business Unit

Ministry of Finance, Industry and Planning

Kennedy Avenue





Fax: (767) 448-0406

Fax: (767) 448-0054

General Information: (767) 448-2401 Ext. 3158

Online casinos licensed in Dominica:

World Wide Wagering

Finland Gambling License

Finland Gambling license

Finland is a Northern European nation bordering Sweden and Russia. The Northern Lights can be seen from its Arctic Lapland province, also home to the country’s main ski resorts. it is the eighth largest country in Europe and the most sparsely populated country in the European Union.

The first inhabitants of Finland were the Sami (Lapp) people, when Finnish speakers migrated to Finland in the first millennium, the Sami were forced to move northward to the arctic regions, with which they are traditionally associated. The Finns’ repeated raids on the Scandinavian coast impelled the Swedish King Eric IX, to conquer the country in 1157. It was made a part of the Swedish kingdom and converted to Christianity. On Jan. 1, 1999, Finland, along with ten other European countries, adopted the euro as its currency.

Corporate tax: 20%

Gambling tax: 30%

Finland gambling license

Who manages E-Gambling in Finland?

National Police Board


There are three companies that have legal gaming licences, domestic company Veikkaus, which is state owned, holds the license for sports betting and lotteries and has launched products for Internet and mobile phone, while domestic company Fintoto, who is privately owned, holds the license for horse race wagering and has also launched products on Internet and mobile phone. A third domestic company, Raha-automaattiyhdistys, which is state owned, holds the license for slot machines and casino games, This will broaden the scope of activities which are considered to be marketing and to directly prohibit such activities. No marketing directly or indirectly of gaming or lotteries are allowed in Finland.

Additionally, there are no criminal codes that outlaw the act of placing a bet with an unlicensed operator. Therefore, Finish nationals are free to play at any of the many gambling sites based out of other nations. Some of the biggest gaming companies in the world accept Finns and even have Finnish language websites.

Even some of the most legally conservative gaming companies such as Bet365 and 888 happily accept customers from Finland.

Finland gambling license

Licence Length:

Up to 5 years

Anti-Money Laundering Policy:

All operators must comply with AML legislation in force.

Country Restrictions:

The marketing of any sort of gambling can not be directed towards minors. It is alo unlawful for marketing to give heavy or frequent gambling a positive image. Advertising games with a clear risk outside of disgnated game rooms, trotting tracks and casinos is prohibited.

Minors are banned from playing all gambling games. According to the Lotteries Act, those who are below the age of 18 are considered minors. Neglecting the age of compliance may lead to criminal liability for all parties involved.

The Lotteries Act

Gambling in finland is regulated by the lotteries Act. The Act ensures the legal protection of gamblers, the prevention of misuse and crime and aims to reduce the social and health related harm that are a result of gambling.

Online casinos licensed in Finland:

PAF and RAY run the only legal gambling sites recognized by the Finnish government.

Contact Details:

National Police Board

Gambling Administration

PO Box 50

FI-11101 Riihimäki

Email: arpajaishallinto(at)

Telephone: +358 29 548 0181 (National Police Board)


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Antigua & Barbuda gambling licenses

Antigua and Barbuda gambling licenses

Antigua and Barbuda was the first online gambling jurisdictions and regulators way back in 1994 before the online gambling craze hit the world. They are known to have fair rules and regulations and are a well respected jurisdiction.

Antigua and Barbuda gambling licenses

The Antiguan government set out to diversify and increase economic development in the 90s. This was the framework for what would become the island’s remote gaming industry. Antigua enacted a very inclusive regulatory scheme for various companies providing remote gambling services by the late 1990s. Due to a solid reputation, the island experienced dramatic growth in its own gaming industry.

Under Antiguan regulation, two types of gambling and betting licenses are provided: The first is an interactive gaming license, for casino gambling and wagering, and the second is interactive wagering, used for sports betting.

Antigua’s remote gambling operators offer account betting, meaning a player must fund his or her account before wagers can be made. No wager can exceed the amount funded, and wins or losses are credited to a player’s account.

Antigua and Barbuda gambling licenses


Antigua and Barbuda have strict license requirements. All licensed operators need to meet a number of requirements before even being considered for approval, and they will be subjected to a thorough vetting process to ensure reputability.

Some of the lesser requirements state that operators strictly enforce age limitations, barring anyone under the age of 18 to participate in the gaming operations or as players. All operators are also required to display a warning on their web site, citing the various addiction possibilities of gambling and subsequent information on sites assisting with compulsive gambling.

Antigua and Barbuda have a web site that offers a way to connect for those seeking a license. They present detailed information about their screening process. In order to secure a license, an up-front, non-refundable fee of $15,000 USD is required for due diligence.

This screening process is very thorough, and if passed, an interactive gaming license costs $100,000 USD. For an interactive wagering license, applicants must pay $75,000, with an additional $5,000 annually for renewal. If you’d wish to have a monitoring system, the fee is $25,000 for one license, $45,000 for two.

All operators must meet Antigua’s high standards of excellence. Anti-fraud and money laundering regulations must be adhered to, as well as a slue of other regulations regarding finance. Antigua is not responsible for changing laws or regulations in any particular area.

Any customer complaints can be filed with the Antiguan Directorate of Offshore Gaming if a remote gaming operator isn’t able to handle the issue. The Directorate will review and investigate the problem if necessary.


Licence Fee

$15,000 non-refundable application fee.

Interactive gaming license: £100,000.

Interactive wagering license: $75,000 plus $5,000 annual renewal fee. 

Contact Details

The Directorate of Offshore Gaming

Division of Gaming

2nd Floor – West Wing

First Caribbean Financial Center

Old Parham Road

P.O. Box 2674, St. John’s

Antigua & Barbuda

West Indies

Tel: (268)481-3300

Fax: (268) 481-3305

Online casinos licensed in Antigua and Barbuda

Casino Tropez

Swiss Casinos

Casino King

Casino Las Vegas

Casino Del Rio

Vegas Red

Magic Box Casino

Casino Baraka

Europa Casino

50 Stars

Intertop Casino

Titan Bet


Gibraltar Online Gambling License

There are around thirty operators have been issued with Gibralta gambling licence under the Gambling Ordinance 2005 since 1998.


Gibraltar Gambling Licenses


Corporation Tax Rate: 10%; however; utility companies and companies that abuse a dominant position are subject to 20%.

Gaming Tax Rate: 1% of annual turnover up to £42.5million, with gaming tax capped at £425,000 per year.


Who manages E-Gambling in Gibraltar?

All gambling operations in Gibraltar require licensing under the Gambling Act 2005. Remote Gambling licences, including those for telephone and internet betting, are issued by the Licensing Authority.

The Gambling Commissioner is appointed under the provisions of the Act and can issue and revoke licenses in accordance with the contracts and in such a manner as to maintain the good reputation of Gibraltar.

The Gibraltar Betting and Gaming Association (GBGA) is a trade association representing nearly all of the Gibraltar based online gaming operators and acting as a go between for the local and international authorities. They cannot issue licences but can offer advice and assistance.


Gibraltar Gambling Licenses


Online Licences are generally difficult to obtain. The Licensing Authority will only consider licensing blue chip companies with a proven track record in gambling, licensed in a reputable jurisdiction, of good financial standing and with a realistic business plan.


Customer Privacy and Data Protection:
Licensees are required by the Licensing Authority to obtain at least the following basic personal information with regard to all prospective customers. This shall include full name; residential address; and date of birth. Upon obtaining the required information and completing any due diligence arising there from, the licensee shall be entitled to deal with the customer as a registered player.


Licence Fee: £2,000


Licence Length: One year


Software Testing Requirements:

Required in accordance with the Remote Technical and Operating Standards of Gibraltar.


Reporting Requirements to Regulators:

The licensee shall be required to produce audited accounts to the Licensing Authority each year during the Licence period and maintain its financial records in accordance with the applicable law from time to time. The licensee shall also be required to meet all its accounts and filing requirements as set out in the Companies Act, the Companies (Accounts) Act and Companies (Consolidated Accounts) Act and any other applicable legislation.


Anti-Money Laundering Policy:

The Anti-Money Laundering Code of Practice  is ‘interpretive guidance’ to the Gibraltar gambling industry in respect of the requirements of the Act, the Gibraltar Crime (Money Laundering and Proceeds) Act, and the 3rd EU Anti-Money Laundering Directive. This Code applies to all financial transactions associated with defined gambling activities undertaken under the authority of a Gibraltar gambling licence.


Gibraltar Restrictions:

Restriction on acting as a betting intermediary except under licence.

Contact Details:

Gambling Division – H.M Government of Gibraltar

Address: Suite 603, Europort, GX11 1AA, Gibraltar

Telephone: 00350 20064142

Fax: 00350 20064150




The Gibraltar Betting and Gaming Association Limited

Address: 57/63 Line Wall Road, Gibraltar

Telephone: + 350 200 68450

Fax: +350 200 40249




Online casinos licensed in Gibraltar

  • Ladbrokes (International) Plc – Ladbrokes Sportsbook LP
  • Victor Chandler (International) Ltd
  • Stan James Plc
  • digital entertainment Plc
  • GTECH (Gibraltar) Ltd)
  • 32 Red Plc
  • Digibet Ltd
  • Cassava Enterprises (Gibraltar) Ltd ( Plc)
  • Mansion Online Casino Ltd -Onisac Limited
  • Argon Financial Ltd (formerly ProSpreads Ltd) Spread Betting Financial Instruments
  • WHG (International) Ltd
  • Hillside (Gibraltar) Ltd (Bet365 Group Ltd)
  • Petfre (Gibraltar) Ltd (Betfred)
  • Gamesys (Gibraltar) Ltd (Entertaining Play Ltd)
  • Probability (Gibraltar) Ltd
  • TSE (Gibraltar) LP (Betfair Group)
  • tombola (International) Plc
  • Nektan (Gibraltar) Ltd
  • BetClic Everest (Gibraltar) Ltd
  • IGT (Gibraltar) Ltd
  • Gala Interactive (Gibraltar) Ltd – Coral Interactive (Gibraltar) Ltd
  • Bally Technologies (Gibraltar) Ltd (incorporated SHFL RGL No. 61)
  • Ongame Network Ltd (Amaya Inc Group)
  • EU Lotto Ltd
  • Odobo Ltd
  • Scientific Games (Gibraltar) Ltd (incorporated WMS RGL No. 068)
  • Realistic Games (Gibraltar) Ltd
  • NE Services Ltd (NetEnt)
  • NYX Gaming (Gibraltar) Ltd
  • High 5 Games (Gibraltar) Ltd

Estonia Gambling License

After The Global Financial Crisis of 2008-2009, Estonia saw e-gaming as a new source of income. The next year online gambling regulations were rolled out. Overall, the online gambling industry of the Northern Europepan country is fairly young. 


Estonia Gambling License


Corporate tax: 20%

Gambling tax: 5%

Who manages E-Gambling in Estonia?

The Estonian Tax and Customs Board


Estonia Gambling License



Online gambling has been legalized in Estonia since 2010 for local operators, and since 2011 for foreign ones. Even before that, the state-run sportsbook, called Spordiennustus, offered the first online gambling facilities in Estonia in 2004.

Though when it comes to casino-style online gambling in Estonia, players must turn to sites hosted in other countries. There are a few international offshore internet gambling sites that offer services in Estonian. Most people looking for Estonian online gambling must turn to sites in English, German, or other major languages.

Olympic Entertainment Group was the first land-based operator issued an online gaming license. Olympic opted for Playtech as its partner and offered more than 150 casino games including online poker.


Minimum Share Capital for an iGaming Company:
€1 million


Licence Fee:

    • A state fee shall be paid for the review of an application for activity licence:
    • EUR 47, 934 for the organisation of a game of chance;
    • EUR 31,956 for the organisation of a game of skill;
    • EUR 3,196. for the organisation of a totalizator.


Licence Length:

Operation permits for remote gambling is valid for up to five years.

Software Testing Requirements:

The server where the software is stored must contain the data of registration, identification and verification of the players age.


Reporting Requirements to Regulators:

Must consider the connection of its recordkeeping to the system of the Tax and Custom Board.


Anti-Money Laundering Policy:

All operators must comply with AML legislation in force.


Country Restrictions:

Players must be over 21 years of age to access casino’s. Although, the legal age for lottery players is 16 years of age.


Contact Details:


Ministry of Finance of Estonia

Suur-Ameerika 1


Estonia 15006



Fax: +372 696 6810

General Information: +372 611 3558


Online casinos licensed in Estonia:



Comoros Gambling License

In early 2005 the Betting and Gaming Act was passed to legalise and regulate online gaming, racing bets, sports betting, casino, lottery and bingo gambling. This was made possible via the establishment of a Gaming Board that has been tasked to provide for related or incidental matters.


Corporate tax: 30% – 50% income dependant

Gambling tax: TBA

Comoros Gambling License

The Local currency is the Comorian Franc (KMF)

Who manages E-Gambling in Comoros?

The only authorised agent to issue all online gambling licences in the Comoros is Anjouan Corporate Service as appointed by the Legislative Assembly of the Anjouan Offshore Finance Authority.


All licences for banking, insurance, gaming as well as commerce and industry are obtained through Anjouan Corporate Services. To obtain a license all clients will have to complete an application form and an IBC will be issued a license will then be granted to the IBC assuming all criteria are met.

International Businesses

International Business Companies are usually limited by share capital, but may also be limited by guarantee or in extreme cases by both. A minimum of one shareholder can be represented as an individual or a company. A company does not need a physical presence in the country; however it does need to do business through a local bank.

It is important to understand that having a Gaming License is no guarantee that a bank will open an account for you or that banking services including Merchant Services will be automatically be granted.

Comoros will grant gambling licenses to most international companies and a single license covers most types of gambling. You can complete the application form on their website.

Once the application form has been submitted, the due diligence can take up to 14 working days, depending where the directors are from, once this is complete, the license will be issued, stamped and sealed and sent directly to the applicant.

Comoros Gambling License

Security Requirements / Indemnity for Player Deposits:
None have been mentioned

Licence Fee:
License fees €20,000

Additional Fees:
International Business Company €750
Application fee €1,000 (first year only)
Due Diligence €1,000 (per director)( First year only)
Administration fees €1,500 (first year only)
Courier costs €100

Licence Length:
1 year

Licence Renewal Fees:

€15,000 plus the International Business Fee of €750

Software Testing Requirements:

None have been mentioned

Reporting Requirements to Regulators:

None have been mentioned

Anti-Money Laundering Policy:

None have been mentioned

Comoros Restrictions:

None have been mentioned

Contact Details:


Anjouan Corporate Services Ltd

BP 269 Mutsamudu


Union of Comoros



General Information

+ 269 334 1489

Online casinos licensed in Comoros


Win a Day Casino

Macau Gambling License

Macau Gambling License

Gambling in Macau has been legal since the 1850s however it has a history of gaming that dates all the way back to the 18th Century. At the end of 2014 Macau is said to be the richest casino destination in the world. In 2013, 35 casinos generated USD $45 billion (HKD $348.9 billion) in gross gambling wins. This is more than every casino in the entire United States combined.

Macau is the second Special Administrative Region of the People’s Republic of China and lies to the West of Hong Kong. This former Portuguese colony has been referred to as the “Monte Carlo of the Orient” or the “Las Vegas of the East”.

As they are the only jurisdiction of Chinese sovereignty with legal casino gambling, Macau attracts most of its visitors from Chinese jurisdictions including mainland China, Hong Kong and Taiwan.

Corporate tax: TBA%

Gambling tax: 70%

Macau Gambling License

Who manages E-Gambling in Macau?

The Gaming Inspection and Coordination Bureau (DICJ), provides guidance and assistance to the Chief Executive of Macao SAR on the definition and execution of the economic policies for the operations of the casino games of fortune or other ways of gaming, Pari-Mutuels and gaming activities offered to the public.

The DICJ has the authority to issue and suspend licences should the licensee not adhere to the legal and contractual obligations set out in the contracts.

Currently the regulatory body is not permitting the authorization of online gambling licences to any foreign gambling providers so they may offer remote services from Macau. Although it has begun studying the feasibility of allowing the regulation of online gaming to stretch beyond the current Macau based online sports betting companies.

Dynam Japan Holdings Co Ltd has shown an expressed interest in obtaining online gaming licences to operate from Macau.

Macau Gambling License

Security Requirements:

Online sports betting players wishing to bet or gamble online must be 18 or older and fulfill the criteria in accordance to the law on online gambling in their own country or the place where they currently are. Players must abide by the relevant local laws at all times and if in any doubt, should obtain local legal advice. Online casinos do not, accept any responsibility for any breach of any local gambling or betting laws and will not accept US citizens or residents as their gaming customers as it is a breach to the US legal regulations.

Licence Fee:

The Macau Gaming Authority are currently not issuing new online gaming licences.

Licence Length:

Not available

Reporting Requirements to Regulators:

Regulation is in accordance to the norms enforced by the Special Administrative Region of Macau, and omissions are governed by the legislation enforced by the same Special Region. Further reading see MJC Betting Rules:

Anti-Money Laundering Policy:

All operators must take preventive measures against crimes of money laundering and terrorist financing, suspicious transactions must be reported, negligence is punishable and administrative offences carry hefty fines.

Country Restrictions:

Currently no foreign providers have been allocated online gaming licences.

Local Online Gambling Laws:

In 2011 the government acknowledged Macau has no online gambling laws, therefore it is not illegal to use outside websites from your Macau residence or hotel room to play online poker, casino games or to bet on sports or races.

Contact Details:

Macau Gaming Inspection and Coordination Bureau

Address: Avenida Praia Grande, Ed. China Plaza, 21st Floor, Macau, Macau 762-804



Fax: +853 2837 0296

General Information: +853 2856 9262

Online casinos licensed in Macau:

The government of Macao has authorized the Macao Jockey Club and Macau Slot Sportsbook to offer gaming for horse racing, greyhound racing, and football and basketball wagering products over the Internet.

Macau Slot Sportsbook website

Macau Jockey Club – website


Denmark Gambling License

Denmark gambling licenses

A Denmark Gambling License is without a doubt one of the most popular gambling licenses available for online casinos worldwide. Their infrastructure offers many services that are highly beneficial to online gaming operators and providers. This includes private cloud services, custom servers and high capacity racks. This has made Denmark a preffered location for gambling operators to base their operations.

Corporate tax: 28%

Gambling tax: 20%

Denmark Gambling License

Who manages E-Gambling in Denmark?

The Danish Gambling Authority


Danske Spil used to have majority rights to online gambling licenses, though the state still holds exclusive rights to animal races and games based on pure luck.

The Danish government is extremely strict on advertisement and handing out licenses.

Denmark Gambling License


Upon the issueing of a license, explicit conditions are set forth along with it. These usually relate to the games covered by the license and technical requirements.
A gambling license will only cover the games whih have been applied for. Should the licnese holder wishto supply new games, they will need approval from the DGA.

It is a general requirement of the license holder to be able to provide gambling in a manner that is proffesional and financially stable. The DGA will continously monitor the licence holder to ensure this requirement is fulfilled.


Minimum Share Capital for an iGaming Company:

No minimal share capital

Licence Fee:

€37,500 per license, with a dual license application fee of €52,500 and an annual licensing fee ranging from €7,500 to €200,000, based on gross win.

Licence Length:

Online gabling licenses can be limited to one year or up to 5 years. This of course depends on the type of license issued.

Software Testing Requirements:

NemID is a Danish Technical solution that lives up to OCES-standard encryption, which is used to register and log in every time on a gambling website.

Anti-Money Laundering Policy:

Danish license holders may only receive payment into a gambling account from a payment service that provides these services legally in Denmark in accordance with Danish payment services and Electronic Money Act.

Contact Details:


Spillemyndigheden (National Gaming Authority of Denmark)

Helgeshøj Allé 9


Denmark 2630



Fax: +45 43 58 73 03

General Information: +45 72 22 18 18

Online casinos licensed in Denmark:

Betway Denmark




Ladbrokes Denmark

Luna Casino DK

Maria Denmark

NordicBet Denmark

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