How to develop and license casino games

The purpose of this article is to help aspriring game developers better understand the process of building a game for the casino space. It may seem relatively trivial to develop a game, but getting your game infront of an audience on a B2B or a B2C basis requires that your application be developed in a certain way.

The problem you face is that not all jurisdictions have the same standards and for this reason some are simpler than others to build for.

How do I start building a casino game?

The first thing you need to understand is that you do not need a gambling license in order to build a casino game. Your game, however, will need to follow certain guidelines in order to be accepted by licensing jurisdictions.

The following is a list of jurisdiction requirements

Curacao Gambling License Your games must have Curacao RNG certification
Malta gambling license You can find the various Malta Regulations here
UK Gambling license You can find the UK technical standards here

Legal opinion for your casino game

If you require a legal opinion for your casino game, get in touch. Our legal team provides reports for our clients looking to start new ventures in new locations.

Legal opinion to run your sportsbook or casino in the United States

We assist our clients with a USA gambling legal opinion to run a casino, sportsbook, lottery, sweepstakes, crypto currency casino or a game of your own invention in the United States. We work with entrepreneurs who would like to offer
gambling, competition or skill based games in the United States and who need professional legal team to look over their concept and make sure that it is compliant with relevant
State laws.

We are able to offer our service for all US states or just a select few.

What States do you cover with your legal opinioins?

We offer gambling related legal opinions for all 50 States of the United States.

How much will it cost?

Expect to spend 400 EUR per state, should you require more than one state, we can offer you a discount.

How long will it take?

It is hard to tell exactly how long the process will take since laws are ever changing in the gambling space. What we can do is give you an estimate in terms of expected time frames once we have a better understanding of the service you wish to offer.

How to get started?

Get in touch to get started: Skype: brendanjnash WhatsApp: +44 7498 105896

States covered:

Alabama Gambling Legal Opinion for the State of Alabama.
Alaska Gambling Legal Opinion for the State of Alaska.
Arizona Gambling Legal Opinion for the State of Arizona.
Arkansas Gambling Legal Opinion for the State of Arkansas.
California Gambling Legal Opinion for the State of California.
Colorado Gambling Legal Opinion for the State of Colorado.
Connecticut Gambling Legal Opinion for the State of Connecticut.
Delaware Gambling Legal Opinion for the State of Delaware.
Florida Gambling Legal Opinion for the State of Florida.
Georgia Gambling Legal Opinion for the State of Georgia.
Hawaii Gambling Legal Opinion for the State of Hawaii.
Idaho Gambling Legal Opinion for the State of Idaho.
Illinois Gambling Legal Opinion for the State of Illinois.
Indiana Gambling Legal Opinion for the State of Indiana.
Iowa Gambling Legal Opinion for the State of Iowa.
Kansas Gambling Legal Opinion for the State of Kansas.
Kentucky Gambling Legal Opinion for the State of Kentucky.
Louisiana Gambling Legal Opinion for the State of Louisiana.
Maine Gambling Legal Opinion for the State of Maine.
Maryland Gambling Legal Opinion for the State of Maryland.
Massachusetts Gambling Legal Opinion for the State of Massachusetts.
Michigan Gambling Legal Opinion for the State of Michigan.
Minnesota Gambling Legal Opinion for the State of Minnesota.
Mississippi Gambling Legal Opinion for the State of Mississippi.
Missouri Gambling Legal Opinion for the State of Missouri.
Montana Gambling Legal Opinion for the State of Montana.
Nebraska Gambling Legal Opinion for the State of Nebraska.
Nevada Gambling Legal Opinion for the State of Nevada.
New Hampshire Gambling Legal Opinion for the State of New Hampshire.
New Jersey Gambling Legal Opinion for the State of New Jersey.
New Mexico Gambling Legal Opinion for the State of New Mexico.
New York Gambling Legal Opinion for the State of New York.
North Carolina Gambling Legal Opinion for the State of North Carolina.
North Dakota Gambling Legal Opinion for the State of North Dakota.
Ohio Gambling Legal Opinion for the State of Ohio.
Oklahoma Gambling Legal Opinion for the State of Oklahoma.
Pennsylvania Gambling Legal Opinion for the State of Pennsylvania.
Rhode Island Gambling Legal Opinion for the State of Rhode Island.
South Dakota Gambling Legal Opinion for the State of South Dakota.
Oregon Gambling Legal Opinion for the State of Oregon.
South Carolina Gambling Legal Opinion for the State of South Carolina.
Tennessee Gambling Legal Opinion for the State of Tennessee.
Texas Gambling Legal Opinion for the State of Texas.
Utah Gambling Legal Opinion for the State of Utah.
Vermont Gambling Legal Opinion for the State of Vermont.
Virginia Gambling Legal Opinion for the State of Virginia.
Washington Gambling Legal Opinion for the State of Washington.
West Virginia Gambling Legal Opinion for the State of West Virginia.
Wisconsin Gambling Legal Opinion for the State of Wisconsin.
Wyoming Gambling Legal Opinion for the State of Wyoming.

How to start an Esports betting business

How to start an Esports betting business

We assist our clients with the setup and maintenance of a licensed Esports betting business under a Curacao gambling license. If you are interested in an Esports gambling business, get in touch, we can help.

What is Esports?

Esports is a type of sporting competition using video games and often taking place as multiplayer competitions between individuals professionals and teams. In the 90s, Esports was played for fun by gamers and by the 2000s professionals stated participating in Esports as well. By the 2010s, streaming services such as Twitch and Youtibe popualarised Esports which started to gain the attention of the greater publics imagination.

Common Esports genres are multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA), first-person shooter (FPS), fighting, card, battle royale and real-time strategy (RTS) games.

You can find out more about Esports from Wikipedia.

Popular Esport franchises

Call of duty modern warfare (moba)

Call of Duty is a first-person shooter video game franchise published by Activision. Starting out in 2003, it first focused on games set in World War II. Today, the series has seen games set in the midst of the Cold War, futuristic worlds, and outer space.

Counter-Strike Global Offensive (CS GO)

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is a multiplayer first-person shooter video game developed by Valve and Hidden Path Entertainment.

League of Legends (LOL)

League of Legends is a 2009 multiplayer online battle arena video game developed and published by Riot Games for Microsoft Windows and macOS.

Dota 2

Dota 2 is a multiplayer online battle arena video game developed and published by Valve.


Overwatch is a team-based multiplayer first-person shooter developed and published by Blizzard Entertainment.

Rainbow 6 Siege

Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege is an online tactical shooter video game developed by Ubisoft Montreal and published by Ubisoft.

What does it cost to start a licensed Esports white label betting business?

Setting up an Esports gambling business requires:

  1. Software
  2. Hardware
  3. Payment solutions
  4. Esports Betting feeds

Setting up the software will cost €15,000, data feeds €6,500 per month, gambling license €15,000 per year, Server €4,560 per annum and a 1% fee is levied on the total betting volume.

You can find a formal breakdown of costs here.

How long does it take to setup an Esports Business?

Expect to be up and running within 6 – 8 weeks. This assumes you will have all your paperwork in order.

PS – If I do not respond to your Skype request, please try WhatsApp, sometimes Skype does not deliver the request.

Buy online casino | Over 50 profitable online casino for sale

Buy online casino

If you are looking to buy an online casino you have come to the right place. We work with a number of partners and brokers with the aim of finding, vetting, and selling on great casinos.

Why do people sell casinos?

There are many reasons to sell, in some cases, the operators have other projects to move onto, or wish to reitre or an active partner decides to leave and the passive investors decide to sell.

Whatever the reason, we have casinos for sale, and if you are looking to buy, lets chat!

How it works

Selling a casino is not quite the same as selling a T-Shirt. The best way to start the process is to get in touch and to advise your budget. We charge a once-off fee of €5000 to start the process which is refundable should you proceed with a purchase. Please note that the minimum casino sale is 1M EUR, we do not deal with smaller operations.

How much should I pay?

There are a number of factors involved in what the right price to pay for an online casino. As a rule of thumb, we recommend a bit more than the previous years NGR as a guideline. With a bit of work, you want to recover your investment within 12 months of purchase.

Other influencing factors are company length of trading, the amount of new FTD’s (full-time depositors), and where is the company licensed?

What should I look out for?

It is recommended that you buy a casino through a broker and one that is properly licensed. Your checklist should include:

  1. Is the license valid?
  2. Are all the debts paid up?
  3. What is owed to customers? (i.e. make sure a whale is not waiting for payment!)
  4. Have the affiliates been paid? Angry affiliates can break a brand!
  5. Has the casino been blocked or banned by google?
  6. What are the recurring monthly fees?
  7. Make sure the company exists in the local chamber of commerce.
  8. A general google search will check the casino’s reputation.

How we help you?

We work with a number of casino agents and companies involved in casino mergers and acquisitions. When a client wishes to buy a casino, we run all the necessary checks to ensure the casino is bonafide.

What casinos do you have for sale?

In general, we have between 50 and 100 operational online casinos for sale at any given time. Prices range from 500K EUR to 10M EUR. As a rule of thumb, each casino should more or less recover its sale price within the first year.

What casino structures do you have for sale?

In addition to operational casinos, we also have casino shelf companies. In general, these are companies that have never traded and typically have a bank account, gambling license, software, and processing of some kind.

The price of these vary and you will likely pay anything from 70 – 120K EUR. The advantage of buying such a structure is that its ready to go and you will save yourself many months of effort setting up from scratch.

Current Online Casinos for SaleCurrent online casinos for sale:

Reference Region Type Description Revenue
GG201 Brazil B2C Online and mobile betting and gaming operator focusing on Brazil and South America $3.7M
GG202 Brazil B2C B2C Social mobile gaming developer and operator focusing on Brazil 8M EUR
GG203 Columbia B2C B2C Online and mobile sports betting operator, with a chain of 1300 retail agents in Colombia 3.2M EUR
GG204 n/a B2C B2C Online bingo and casino operator, licensed in Curacao 28.8M EUR
GG205 Cyprus B2C B2C Online FX/CFD and options brokerage 20.6M EUR
GG206 Cyprus B2C B2C Social betting platform with an intelligent algorithm that grades betting tips 430K EUR
GG207 n/a B2C B2C Online and mobile betting and gaming operator 16.2M
GG208 Germany B2C B2C Landbased and online betting and gaming operator based in Germany GGR 45M / EBITDA 5M EUR
GG209 India B2C B2C Online poker and daily fantasy sports operator in India market 4M EUR
GG210 India B2C India based B2C Daily fantasy sports operator
GG211 India B2C B2C/B2B Online poker and daily fantasy sports operator
GG212 India B2C Online Live Dealer provider
GG213 n/a B2C Provider and developer of online Videobingo and slots. An aggregator platform that offers proprietary and third party video bingo games 2.8M EUR
GG214 Italy B2C/B2B B2C/B2B HTML5 Games Technology Developer and Aggregator; B2C Casual Games Operator 2.6M
GG215 Italy B2B B2B Magazine and online and mobile Italian leading betting and gaming editorial company 500K EUR
GG216 Italy B2C B2C Licensed online gaming operator in the Italian market GGR 4.1M / EBITDA 2M EUR
GG217 Italy B2C B2C Italian affiliate contractor and online publisher of betting content for punters 150K EUR
GG218 Italy B2C B2C Italian AWP/VLTs operator with a total of 5.000 machines and owner of 8 gaming halls GGR 21.7M / EBITDA 7M EUR
GG219 Italy B2B B2B Casino and gaming halls furniture manufacturer
GG220 Italy B2C/B2B B2C/B2B Social betting B2C operator and B2B platform provider GGR 270K EUR
GG221 Italy B2B B2B Skill games and roulette provider GGR 3.1M EUR
GG222 Italy B2B Italian Land-based and online betting and gaming open platform (VLT, AWP, betting etc)
GG223 Italy B2C Italian B2C AWP/VLTs operator and owner of 2 bingo halls
GG224 Italy B2B Italy B2B Real money betting on players performance platform GGR 136k EUR
GG225 Italy B2C Italy B2C Land-based and online betting and gaming operator with 80 betting shops and 1 bingo hall EBITDA 3.3M EUR
GG226 Italy B2C Italian Land-based and online betting and gaming operator with 70 betting shops and over 800 PVRs EBITDA 3.3M EUR
GG227 Italy B2C B2C Affiliation network in gaming in Italy GGR 1.1M EUR
GG228 Italy B2C B2C 14 gaming halls in Northern Italy equipped with VLTs and AWPs GGR 36M EUR
GG229 Kenya B2C Kenya B2C Online and mobile betting operator integrated with local payment solution
GG230 Malta B2C B2C Betting and gaming affiliation group in Italy and internationally GGR 3.8M EUR
GG231 Malta B2B B2B Platform for production and streaming of live casino from both the studio and the casino floor GGR 4M / EBITDA 2M EUR
GG232 Malta B2B B2B Sports betting software provider and gaming supplier aggregator
GG233 Malta B2B B2B Online casino gaming software and platform developer and provider
GG234 Mexico B2C Mexico B2C Single license with no operation in place
GG235 Mexico B2C Six landbased casinos, renting 25 licenses in Mexico
GG236 Montenegro B2C B2C Land-based and online betting and gaming operator based in Montenegro
GG237 Nigeria B2C Nigerian Land-based and online betting and gaming operator, operating a chain of 120 betting shops
GG238 Poland B2C B2C Esports betting operator GGR 2.4M EUR
GG239 Portugal B2B 2B Sports betting platform provider based in Portugal GGR 3.4M EUR
GG240 Portugal / Brazil B2C B2C Online and mobile betting and gaming operator aimed at Portugal and Brazil GGR 6.9M EUR
GG241 South Africa B2B B2B Global online and land-based virtual sports provider
GG242 Tanzania B2C B2C Online and mobile sports betting operator operating on own platform out of Tanzania
GG243 USA B2C B2C Online and mobile live dealer social casino provider and operator
GG244 USA B2B B2B Sports betting platform provider based in USA GGR $5M

(PDF) Download – Online casinos for sale

Become a partner

Advertise your e-gaming business with us

We started in 2010 as a way to help gambling companies with affordable and reliable gambling hosting on the island.

What we did not realise at the time was that we were going to build a useful resource that would help the greater e-gaming community by connecting prospects to service providers.

After all, we are technicians, we write software, build games, play with hardware, and do our best to help whoever needs our assistance.

But as it turns out, our most cherished commodity is the reach of our website and the entrepreneurs it connects us to. Over the past two years alone we have had hundreds of hours of conversations with casino operators, prospective casino operators, game developers,  service providers and regardless of who we speak to, the net result is the same. They all need good companies to help them with their casino needs.

And while we do our best to recommend good service providers, we decided to start this partner programme as a way to put our prospects directly in touch with good service providers.

How does it work?

In the right menu of our website, we have a brand new “Partner” section. In this section, we will link to your e-gaming business. These links appear on all our article pages on the website. Additionally, you will need to supply a pdf document outlining your service which will be placed in our pdf document download pages under the appropriate heading.

When we speak with prospective clients, we generally direct them to the downloads page where they can find appropriate services and information. In addition to that, we will direct them to the appropriate e-gaming page(s). From there, the prospect is free to contact you directly. Or, if we have been speaking with them through other channels, we will introduce them to you by way of your pages.

How do you get your traffic?

Our traffic comes from a number of sources. Mostly through the search engines but also through agents that we work with who require services from our other vendors. Many of our pages are used as “goto” resources and we work to ensure that our content is relevant.


Currently, we have around 40,000 search engine impressions per month which roughly translates to anything between 3000 – 6000 active users looking for gambling-related services on our website each month. In plain and simple English (since advertisers like to overinflate what their websites can do), we receive anything from 50 to 150 “highly targeted” visitors looking for e-gaming services on our website, each day.

And just to clarify our traffic, as an example, we are highly ranked in image searches for gaming terms and while these visitors will not reach our site, they will reach our contact information. In addition to image ranking, we are also reached through search feature listings which is a snippet of code in google, again, visitors may not reach us, but they will have before them the required information they were searching for and from this, we are contacted.


Search engine stats
Search engine stats


We reveive communication via WhatsApp, Skype, Telephone, Email, seach desk requests and twitter. From these channels we direct the users towards the correct content and from there to the most relevant partner.


Visitor statistics, an actual real person hitting our site and browsing the pages. These are completely unique, i.e. if someone visited our pages 100 times in a day, they would only show as a single result. Impression would be in the region of 1000 – 2000 per day since each unique visitor would read multiple pages.


The following is a snapshot of our audience from analytics.

E-Gaming advertising statistics
E-Gaming visitor statistics


We recently added our document download feature which we have added to a few key pages. In the last month, we received 138 downloads. Looking at the June stats, we should attain 170 document proposal downloads.

E-Gaming document download statistics
E-Gaming document download statistics


Other opportunities

We can offer blog posts for your company, snippets inside existing posts, inclusion on our mailing lists. etc.

Want us to sell your services?

Download our proposal, and let me know when you are ready to move forward!


  • Brendan

Gambling terms and phrases or Bet slang

Gambling terms and phrases

If you are a complete novice at gambling, you will probably want to know what are some gambling terms and phrases mean before you head out and play at your local casino!

This article is a work in progress and we aim to cover as many terms as possible.

General gambling terms

The following is a quick synopsis, in alphabetical order, of common terms you will find at a given casino. If you want a full list you can visist the gamblingsites glossary which covers terms used by online casinos in addition to land based casinos.

Automatic card shuffling. Some casinos will have this machine at the card tables which is used to shuffle the cards.
This is the initial bet required before a game will start. Typically used in card games such as poker. The term “ante” means “before” in Latin.
The banker manages winnings and losses. They will take the lost bets and pay winnings to the winners.
The money you have in chips that you will use for gambling. It can also be the casino’s bankroll which is used to service winners.
Your wager or stake you put at risk in order to stand a chance of winning more than your initial bet.
Bet Limit
The minimum and maximum bet allowed for a given game.
A type of reward or incentive offered by casinos for achieving certain goals such as signing up and making a deposit.
Burn card
the top card of a deck which is removed after a shuffle.
This is the place where cash and casino chips are stored.
Card Washing
When the dealer spreads the cards on the table. Its a form of shuffling.
Cashier’s Desk
The area where you will exchange chips for cash, typically found near the Cage.
When a player increment bet sizes in order to win back losses. This is a quick way to lose money.
Chip Tray
The tray found near the dealer of a given game. It is a bit like a till in a shop.
Plastic styled discs used to represent real money.
Coat Tail
Follow someone elses bets.
Cold streak
A run of bad luck.
Free goods and service in return for playing. “Comp husstling” is when a player minimises losses in return for comps. And in many instances, “comp points” are used as a means to reward players.
Continuous card shuffling (CSM)
A machine that continuously shuffles cards during game pay, typically used to discourage card counting.
An employee at the casino in charge of running a table.
Cut card
A blank plastic card used to separate a deck of cards.
An employee at the casino in charge of running a table.
Deck penetration
A term used to describe the percentage of a deck before it is re-shuffled.
Dice control
A way to throw a dice in order to control the outcome.
Dirty money
The losing bets collected at the end of a game.
Discard tray
A tray found next to the dealer containing the discarded cards.
Down card
A card dealt face down.
Even Money Bet
A bet with odds of 1:1.
Expected win rate
A game with odds of 99% will return $99 for very $100 bet in the long term.
Eye in the sky
A security camera in a casino.
Face card
A King, Queen or Jack.
Face down card
A card dealt face down.
Face up card
A card dealt face up.
Flat betting
When each stake bet is the same.
Gamblers fallacy
Believing the outcome of a bet is influenced by the previous outcome.
Gross winnings
A card dealt face down.
High roller
A player that places large bets at a given table. Typically Poker and Blackjack.
Hot streak
A player who is on a winning streak.
Hot table
A table with a lot of winners on it.
A term used to describe the casino.
House edge
The built in advantage that the casino has over its players.
House rules
The rules of a specific casino.
A large prize typically associated to a slot machine or some type of progressive game.
A player that places large bets at a given table. Typically Poker and Blackjack.
Maximum Bet
The highest amount a player can bet.
Minimum Bet
The lowest amount a player can bet.
Multi-Hand Game
Any game where the player can play more than one hand.
Multi-Player Game
Any game that can accommodate more than one playwer.
Net winnings
A players profit from his bets.
A slang terms used to describe the royal cards.
The amount paid out after a bet.
A designated area for a certain selection of games in a land based casino. This area is typically run by the Pit Boss.
Another way of saying “tie”.
A casino located at a horse racing track.
A card dispenser used at casinos.
Randomly mixing up cards.
Side bet
A bet unrelated to the outcome of a given game. For example, the suit of the next card to be drawn.
The bet size.
A slang term used to describe a player who does not tip, as apposed to a “George”.
A slang term used to describe a tip to the dealer.
Table odds
The profit made by a table over a specified period of time.
A player that plays high stakes.

How to start an online casino

How to start an online casino

“I want to start an online casino” or “How to start an online casino” is a question I am often asked, and this rather vague request is typically followed by another request to put a proposal together in order for the protagonist of the question, to decide what sort of casino they may wish to start.

While I love helping people, I simply do not have the time to go through this process on a one-on-one basis due to time constraints. If you wish to hire me as a consultant, I am certainly a gun for hire, otherwise, I have penned a number of articles to guide you through the process, absolutely fee, and this should be enough to get started.

Before I, or anyone else for that matter, can help you, you need to be 100% sure of the following:

  1. What type of casino do you want to start?
  2. Who will be supplying your games?
  3. Where are your customers likely to live?
  4. What is your budget?
  5. What license do you want to operate under? (determined by budget / jurisdiction)
  6. What currency do you want to accept, will you be accepting crypto?
  7. What payment methods do you want to use?
  8. Who is going to build you website?
  9. How are you going to do your marketing?

Once you know the above, pick up the phone and call me. I am now in a position to help you!

Now before I start, if you are looking for me to tell you what sort of casino/gambling enterprise you should start. I have a standard answer. Start a lottery re-selling business. Everyone knows the lottery and enjoy playing it.

If thats not your thing, then read on.

So lets go through these questions one at a time

What type of casino do you want to start?

My own casino using my own games

With your own casino games, bear in mind that most jurisdictions require that games have certification of some kind. It is different in each jurisdiction with the simplest being in Curacao which requires RNG certification.

General casino games

This would cover the likes of slots, table games, lucky numbers, live games and betting. While there are many providers across the board, we would suggest taking a look at InBet Games who has a large variety of games you can access via a single feed.

Online Poker

Poker requires decent software to be effective. There are a number of great companies out there who can offer this to you. The first is EvenBet Gaming and the second is Cubeia. There are also a number of smaller providers who have good software if price is a concern. When you contact me, you can ask me about this.

Sports Betting

Sports betting is a complicated process. Feeds are expensive, and the likes of Betfair and Paddypower require all sorts of hoops to hop through. If you are a small outfit or want to offer services in India or Pakistan I would suggest taking a look at InBet games. They have a comprehensive sports betting product that will likely work for you.

Who will be supplying your games?

This is important because some jurisdictions simply will not work with certain game suppliers. Also, licensing dictates game certification requirements that need to be adhered to. So it is important that your game supplier is able to offer games to the jurisdiction in which you plan to license.

If you will be using your own games, you will need to go through the process to get your games approved under the license you wish to work.

Where will your customers live?

If your customers live in the US and you wish to target the US market, this is not somethnig I am able to assist you with simply because I do not have the relationships in place with US based licensing authorities.

What is your budget?

Obtaining licensing is not a $5 exercise. You are going to spend at least 25K EUR per annum for your licensing needs (at the bottom end) and 200K EUR per annum at the top end. You can shave this cost down by opting for a White Label / Managed serice if you are on a tight budget.

What license do you want to operate under? (determined by budget / jurisdiction)

Lets say you want to offer services in Latin America and part of Europe. Chances are a Curacao license would work for you. However, if you were expressely interested in Europe and have the budget. You may opt for a Malta or even an Isle of Man license which has a broader scope.

Further informaiton on what gambling license to use and a cost breakdown of a Curacao license.

What currency do you want to accept, will you be accepting crypto?

The concern around crypto and fiat businesses is that a gambling company is not a financial services company. So for instance, you must be careful how you deal with crypto. In most instances, you wont be allowed to accept a payment in fiat and then offer the player a means to convert to Bitcoin or similar.

What payment methods do you want to use?

Considering 95% of all transactions are done by means of credit card a good gaming merchant account is required. The remaining 5% will be e-wallets and crypto which can wait for your casino to launc before you worry about them. In my opinion, I would not be too concerned with e-wallets and would focus on a good credit card solution.

Who is going to build you website?

he game provider will give you the API feeds to their games and in some cases will also provide you with a templated casino. If you are looking for something more enhancced, you will likely want to get someone to build a casino for you from the ground up.

How are you going to do your marketing?

The most important of it all. How are you going to find your clients? I have met many a casino operator with great software, fast servers, the right license and all the payment solutions you can imagine. But no customers…

Do not start, unless you know how you are going to reach end users.

Where do you plan to host your casino?

Hosting is super important and many of the more popular webhosting providers will not host an online casino. While small casinos can get away with it, the last thing you want is to have your servers ripped from the proverbial racks for breaking a hosting companies terms and conditions. Fortunately, you are reading this on a hosting website and you can rent any of our gambling VPS servers which will suit your needs.

For more information:

At this point you should have enogh information in terms of how to start an online casino. I would suggest you get onto some software providers for priciung, download our licensing documents for pricing and then think about how you plan to get your product to market. Once you know all of these, get in touch – my details are all over this site!

As gambling is regulated by state and territory, you can review the links under the “Gambling and Licencing” heading.

Get in touch:

How to start an online casino


We wrote an article on Curacao Gambling License which may be of interest to you should you be looking for alternative casino licensing information.

Gambling license report

Managed service casinos (White Label):

Our managed service is your casino and games running under our existing Curacao license and takes 6 – 8 weeks to put in place.
Download (pdf): Curacao managed service white label license costs

Affiliate casinos:

Our affiliate platform is plugged into a number of game providers offering: slots, scratch cards and lottery products.
Download (pdf): Curacao affiliate solution

Gambling licenses:

Download (pdf): What gambling license should I be using?

Download (pdf): Curacao company and license application costs

Download (pdf): Malta B2C license

Download (pdf): Malta company setup

General documentation:

Download (pdf): Credit Card Processing for your casino

Join my mailing list!

Feel free to join my contact list. From time to time (not often) I will write an email to my clients and interested parties about what is going on in the gaming world!

* indicates required

What casino do you wish to start?

NOTE: You are added to my contact list, I write mailers typically once every quarter.

Isle of man Gambling License | How to get a gaming license in the IOM

Isle of Man Gambling License

An Isle of Man gambling license was first Formed in 1962, the Gambling Supervision Commission of the Isle of Man has led the way with big changes throughout the world, with player protection being one of the isle’s top priorities.

Unlike many other governments, the government of the Isle of Man actually encourage the develpment of online gambling business on the island. The Isle of Man was one of the first jurisdictions to introduce gaming legislation with the aim of benefiting gambling and various online firms, and have been at the middle of the internet gaming boom from the start.

Regulatory bodies ensure a gambling license is granted only if after a thorough vetting process, standards are met.

The Isle of Man are particulary aware and responsive to changes in the internet gaming market, and reguarly make changes to their policies and regulatory controls. Along with the private sector, the government works hard at creating a superior infrastructure, thus attracting more business and resulting in economic growth.

As of 2005, no income tax is taken out the the e-gaming sector, this has prompted more business and although there are less than 20 operators licenced with the island, the Isle of Man remains one of the most successful e-gaming jurisdictions around.

In order to apply for a licence, operators must pay a non-refundable fee of £1,000GBP, followed by a rigorous inspection to check the prospective operators for credibility. Applicants must also demonstrate fairness in their games, keep enough money reserved for payouts, and excel in the community as a reputable gaming provider.

Key figures

  • Annual License Fee: £35,000
  • Tax on Gross Gaming Yield: 1.5%
  • Corporation Tax: 0% (as long as the site does not accept bets from Isle of Man residents)
  • Duty payable on retained gross profits:
    • 1.5% for gross gaming yield not exceeding £20million/year
    • 0.5% for gross gaming yield from £20-40million/year
    • 0.1% for gross gaming yield over £40million/year
  • Licence Fee: £1000 application fee, then £35,000/year
  • Licence Length: 5 years, after which renewal is required
  • Software Testing: Certificate from approved testing house required
  • Reporting Requirements to Regulators: Access to business, its systems and ausited accounts when requested by the Gambling Control Commissioners
  • Anti-Money Laundering Policy: Full AML due diligence. Indemnification procedures, record keeping, internal procedures, education and training, as well as adherence to the Isle of Man Gambling Control Commissioner’s Guidance Notes for the Prevention of Money Laundering.
  • Country Restrictions: It is the responsibility of the operator to decide, however the Gambling Control Commissioners may request independent advice be taken.

How to get in touch

Head of eGaming Development,
Department of Trade and Industry,
Hamilton House,
Peel Road,
Isle of Man

Tel: ++44 1624 682307

About the Isle of Man

The Isle of Man is an island located in the Irish Sea between Britain and Ireland. It is a British Crown Dependency, but it has their own government and is not considered part of the United Kingdom. The Isle of Man Government actively encourages the development of gambling and e-gaming business on the island. After the crash in the e-gaming market in the early 2000’s, when the Isle of Man was left with no gambling companies, the government has done everything possible to bring gambling operators back to the country. In 2001, the Isle of Man Government was one of the first jurisdictions in the world to introduce legislation specifically designed to benefit gambling and e-gaming firms and fully protect customers. Following further recent changes, the licensing and regulatory controls are now more responsive to the needs of the gambling and e-gaming industries. Today, the Isle of Man is considered a basic model for online gaming in countries that either seek their licensing or wish to implement their own infrastructure and promote e-gaming.

The Isle of Man Gambling Supervision Commission, which is part of the Treasury Department, was established in 1962 and is fully independent body, committed to player protection. It regulates all gambling on the island, dealing with licence applications from companies looking to move their business to the jurisdiction. The Commission also provides full assistance to licensees to help them conduct their online gaming activity within the regulations.

About the license

Since the downslide in 2002, the government has taken steps taken to attract new gambling operators. Now the Department of Trade and Industry oversees the licensing, and the previous $2 million USD security bond has been renegotiated, making licenses much more affordable for smaller operators. What is more, the Isle of Man improved their regulations and laws, and now no income tax is taken out of the e-gaming sector.

These changes have prompted even more business, and while there are a few operators licensed in the Isle of Man, they are among the most successful online gaming venues around.

In order to apply for a license, operators must first request an application from the Gambling Supervision Commission and pay a non-refundable fee of £1,000. Then a thorough inspection process takes place, wherein each prospective operator is rigorously checked for credibility. Applicants must prove fairness of their games, keep enough money reserved for payouts whenever requested, and be regarded as a reputable gaming provider. The operators licensed in the Isle of Man have to pay an annual license fee of £35,000, and a 1.5% tax on gross gaming yield up to the amount of £20,000,000. The corporation tax is 0% so long as the site does not accept bets from the Isle of Man residents.

Resolution of complaints

The Gambling Supervision Commission is statutorily charged to ensure that gambling is conducted honestly and fairly, remains free from criminal influence and exploitation and does not cause harm to the public interest, individuals and families. If a complaint arises with a Mann-licensed operator , players should, first of all, contact the licence holder about their grievance. If they are dissatisfied with the response and have exhausted all avenues with the casino operator, they can contact the Commission by email at To speed up the query, player are asked to fill in the Complaints Form and send it to the Commission.

In summary

After the e-gaming crash, the Isle of Man relaxed requirements in order to attract new business. However, the standards have gotten stricter in recent years, and the jurisdiction is proving they are serious about fair gaming. Due to the improvements and implementation of a Gambling Supervision Commission, you don’t have to worry about depositing at a casino licensed in this jurisdiction.

Casinos licensed out of the Isle of Man

• 188BET Casino
• Bella Jackpot Casino
• BetInternet Casino
• Camasino Casino
• Casino Magic
• Casinover Casino
• Dublinbet Casino
• Global Live Casino
• Lucky Live Casino
• Mamut Games Casino
• PokerStars Casino
• Rogers Casino
• SBOB Casino
• Scratch Games Casino
• Sunmaker Casino
• Trada Casino
• Winners Island Casino
• Wisniewski Casino

Where is the license valid?

The Isle of Man has become a model for online gaming countries due to the legislative framework set by the Electronic Transactions Act of 2000 and the Online Gambling Regulation Act 2001, which legalized online gaming operation in the country. Applications for online gaming licenses were initially accepted on the Isle of Man in June 2001. By 2002, licenses were distributed to five gaming operators from around the world. The rapid growth of the market, however, was followed by an even more rapid crash. By 2003, no gaming operators held a license from the island. The island is “White Listed” by the UK and the OECD respectively for eGaming and tax cooperation purposes, which allows Isle of Man licensees to advertise to the UK market.

There are three options for eGaming Licenses:

Full OGRA License:

Requires an initial application fee of GBP 5,000 and an annual fee of GBP 35,000 for a five-year duration period. A full license does not cover gambling activities of a parent or holding company or the operations of sister companies. A full OGRA license is required if any of the following types of online gambling are offered: Sportsbooks; Betting Exchanges; Casino Games (roulette, blackjack, slots, etc); Live Dealing; Peer to Peer Games (poker, bingo, backgammon, etc); Mobile Phone Betting; Fantasy Football or similar; Financial Trading (but not spread betting); Pari-mutuel and Pool Betting; Network Gaming; Lotteries; certain Spot-the-Ball-style games; Network Services.


Require the submission of an application and are designed for operators who enter into a contract with a provider that holds a full OGRA license. The costs related to a Sub-License are less than those for a full license but require a nonrefundable GBP 5,000 application fee. Once approved, the license has a five-year term and is subject to an annual license fee of GBP 5,000 per annum.

Isle of Man Network License

Requires a GBP 5,000 application fee; GBP 50,000 annual fee; and GBP 5,000 per network partner. The license provides flexibility for future development and growth for every type of business model and new income streams: B2C; Affiliate 3rd Party; White Label; Sub-License; B2B Services. This solution offers low-cost duty starting at 1.5% on Gross Gaming Yield (GGY) and not turnover. The duty is only paid on the retained element of GGY in the Isle of Man, not from licensed operators in other countries. The current corporate tax on gaming companies is 0%. The Isle of Man’s arrangement with the EU ensures services provided to UK/EU individuals are VAT exempt, and in most cases customers from outside the EU and B2B partners are 0% rated.

Changes to regulations in 2010

In February 2010, the Isle of Man announced changes to its gambling regulations, now making it legal for iGaming firms to host or carry out their non-gambling-related activities such as marketing; software, skill games and disaster recovery without an Online Gambling Regulation Act 2001 license. Disaster Recovery permits immediate switchover for up to 90 days without a license.

Since April 1, 2010, licensing is overseen by the Department of Economic Development, formerly known as the Department of Trade and Industry.

The Isle of Man’s Department of Economic Development in conjunction with the Isle of Man College of Further and Higher Education will be offering and launching in January 2013 the world’s first accredited qualification in eGaming. It is to be delivered through a work-based, higher-education framework (WBIS) validated through the University of Chester as a postgraduate-level qualification. There are plans to offer it at an undergraduate level in due course. Currently eGaming is an important sector on the island, employing approximately 688 people.

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