Galaxy Gaming

Galaxy Gaming is the largest independent provider of proprietary table games in the world. With headquarters in Las Vegas, Nevada, their reach extends to over 600 casinos worldwide. Galaxy Gaming works with land based, riverboat and cruise ship gaming establishments, and internet gaming companies.

galaxy gaming logo

Galaxy Gaming has a code of conduct that they endeavour to uphold. They like to refer to it as their “rules of engagement”.

They believe in establishing long term, mutually respectful relationships with their customers. Galaxy Gaming is committed to guarding all sensitive, confidential and privileged information. As a team they are consistently seeking to improve their performance and when faced with a negative issue or challenge, they focus all their energies on finding its resolution. Galaxy Gaming prides itself on being a company of integrity and consistently high standards. In their own words, “we know the difference between nearly right and exactly right. In everything we do we strive to be exactly right”.

You can enjoy prime membership with Galaxy Gaming with one flat monthly fee. This will give you, the operator, the freedom to manage your pit with ease and flexibility. You will have full access to Galaxy Gaming’s continually expanding game library.

Currently the library has the following games available:


  • High Card Flush
  • Heads-Up Hold ‘em
  • Three Card Prime
  • Four Card Prime
  • Four Card Frenzy
  • Four Card Stud
  • Cajun Stud
  • Players Edge 21
  • Emperor’s challenge with commission
  • Texas Shootout
  • Duelling for Dollars


  • 21 + 3 Classic
  • 21 + 3 Top 3
  • Lucky Ladies
  • Bust Bonus


  • Bonus Craps

You can adjust your game mix as needed without the stress of a potential increase in costs. This flexible system affords you the opportunity to experiment with your game mix to maximise your profitability.

Galaxy Gaming also has 3 utility products on offer. The first one is 21 Monster Match. By placing a small $1 wager, players enjoy the opportunity to win a large Monster Match Jackpot. Players can win additional bonuses using their first two cards and the dealer’s first two cards. The remaining two are MEGAshare and the Bonus Jackpot System. Both are configurable for virtually all of Galaxy’s product line-up allowing for a variety of play.

The Bonus Jackpot System enhances your play with “real time” action. Galaxy Gaming is pleased to offer an Electronic Bonusing Platform that is designed to be more flexible and collect more data than any other progressive table game platform in the marketplace.

MEGAshare is a super envy, or a room share, jackpot enhancement. MEGAshare awards qualifying players at all qualifying tables when a triggered hand appears anywhere in the casino. It can be linked with multiple game types at multiple property locations thus allowing multiple players to win a shared jackpot amount.

Galaxy Gaming embraces and drives change. They maintain flexibility while staying true to their core values. If you want to enhance your gaming floor operations, increase your profitability, productivity and security all while offering your players a diverse and engaging experience then Galaxy Gaming is the provider for you.

Tom Horn Gaming

tom horn gaming logo

Founded in 2008 Tom Horn Gaming is an omni-channel software supplier that prides itself on making games that are highly captivating with commercially successful content that players want to play. They provide end to end solutions with a turnkey option including license, hardware, company structure and payment processing.

Tom Horn Gaming specialties include online gaming, online casino, casino games, games integration, land-based/retail system for bet shops, custom games development and video lottery terminals (VLT). To round off this impressive repertoire they also offer comprehensive legal services and their own payment solutions to operators.

Online Game Integration

Tom Horn Gaming offers a full suite of casino games available in twelve different languages. Eye-catching graphics and engaging maths models have been carefully developed to suit players in an international market, causing Tom Horn Gaming to support all currencies for all players. Having a comprehensive understanding of the end users experience, they have built in features such as the ‘free game bonus’ feature, allowing operators to create campaigns to give their players free games and progressive jackpots to attract more customers. Their fully integrated reporting system enables operators to keep track of their business statistics and numbers through an API.

Land Based Gaming

Designing the system from the ground up has allowed them to develop the ideal system. Tom Horn Gaming prides itself on providing a hassle-free option for its clients. Clients do not need to purchase any expensive equipment and can be set up and operational within a matter of hours, making their system an attractive investment for any business. In addition, their portfolio of casino games includes over 100 choices, ensuring customers always have something to entertain them.

This system and can also be adapted to several types of operations:

  • Video Lottery Terminals: Programs that are compatible with various devices such as button boards and dual monitors and bill acceptors.
  • Betshops: Ideal for clients with an established internet based business that wishes to transition into gaming.

Tom Horn Gaming boasts the following features:

  • Over 100 games with stunning graphics and attractive pay outs
  • Tree structure with unlimited levels of terminals/shops/agents for network management
  • Proven and certified math model
  • Compatible with bill acceptors and printers
  • Customized lobby design and game settings
  • Customizable jackpot system, with contribution per terminal/shop/agent
  • Seamless API integration with e-commerce systems to promote your own products
  • API for integrating third-party platforms and special payment systems
  • Financial services and payment tools tailored to meet the legal frameworks of local markets
  • Web-based back office with full reporting, credits and network management
  • Technical support 24/7

Tom Horn Gaming lives up to their own motto every day; “our passion is your entertainment; when you have fun, so do we”. Bringing a decade of experience to the table partnering with Tom Horn Gaming is always a winning combination.

BlueOcean Gaming

BlueOcean Gaming started out as a casino software development company after being founded in 2010. After the initial success of the company they were inspired to expand their portfolio, and as a result, BlueOcean Gaming is now able to offer professional turnkey gambling solutions.

BlueOcean Gaming is an independent multiplatform provider who offers an array of products, namely online casino software, poker software, sportsbook software and live casino. In addition, customized back office support including leasing of gambling license, CRM, customer support, payment solutions and reporting tools is on offer to clients. This coupled with round the clock technical support gives their clients a competitive edge over their clients.

Every client is assigned a personal Account Manager who supports and guides them from inception to the delivery of your project. Once a client’s project has gone live, the personal Account Manager continues to assist with the implementation of individualised busienss and marketing plans. BlueOcean Gaming’s goal is to not only successfully launch their client’s gaming business but to ensure its continued growth so that they can achieve the best return on their investment. Clients therefore not only partner with one of the fastest expanding online gaming companies in the industry, but also gain from their ongoing development and retention activities to grow the business. BlueOcean Gaming prides itself on offering a system that greatly reduces fraud through the use of their payment solutions.

Back Office Support:

  • Player management – All activity is started by the players therefore handling all administration related to valued customers is paramount
  • Reporting – Gain a better understanding of players, affiliates and general performance of games, providers and more.
  • Payments – Control panel for payments enables the monitoring of deposits, withdrawals and view the history of both.
  • Marketing – A multi faceted approach, through promotions, games, bonuses and CMS. Target players, optimize marketing budget and monitoring the results, all on the gaming platform.

All of these operations can be performed on either a desktop computer, mobile or tablet device.

Benefits of “Going Mobile” with BlueOcean Gaming:

Reach a wider target market through BlueOcean Gaming’s platform. With over 50% of all online gambling revenues coming in through mobile devices by 2020, ans smartphone and tablet owners spending on average 127 minutes a day in USA, the need for mobility is essential. BlueOcean Gaming offers a flexible gaming platform. By utilizing one of their white label solutions, clients are able to fully customize their frontend while enjoying a tried and tested backend and fully manged payment administration.


Want to start your own casino?

To offer a casino from Curacao you will need:

1. A reliable trust/management company

2. A license

3. Servers

4. And games to offer your audience works with the top companies in Curacao offering a reliable and affordable service to the industry. We are based from ECP (the islands premier data center) and host a variety of local and international gaming companies.

If you are interested in starting your very own gambling business and offering Juma Group games, get in touch – we will help you get started with your venture.

Tipping point gaming

tipping point gaming

Tipping Point Gaming are pioneers in the research, design and commercialization of aftermarket server-based gaming equipment, systems and applications. Their aim is to streamline the delivery and management of wager-based side games, event-based bonusing and targeted promotions.

Through their Boost Gaming platform, they offer casinos and their players limitless application options to increase player loyalty, boost revenues and create new revenue opportunities – all without interrupting game play.

The Boost Gaming platform is ideal for experiential marketers. Operators can create bonus games that deliver a consistent experience regardless of the game players are playing. This helps casinos to maintain a consistent branded connection with their customers. It also offers a simple to understand, real money, wager-based side betting system that is designed not to compete with the experience of the main game. This system keeps players attention and gives them an additional boost of excitement. By keeping players engaged and offering game choices, mid-session players enjoy an immersive, multi-wagering/multi-tasking experience.

The Boost Gaming Platform also allows casino operators to convert their existing single-use gaming machines into multi-dimensional open games. This delivery system puts them in control of the content and applications on their slot floor.

Many games on the casino floor under-perform house average. The usual course of action would be to replace this game with a new game via a conversion kit. However, there is no guarantee that the new game will be more profitable and, more often than not, these new games do not prove to meet or exceed house average. The other possibility is that not only will the new game be less profitable, but you may also alienate some of the customers who enjoyed the previously replaced game.

So instead of replacing the old games, Boost games enables them to remain available to that same set of loyal players whilst boosting the game library to appeal to a broader customer base. Through the Boost Gaming platform and growing gaming content, operators can increase the game selection of an under-performing game to increase use and revenue without the costly risk of a conversion kit or acquiring a new gaming asset.

Boost Poker is the natural side-bet for the video poker fanatic who wants to put more action in play, while Boost Keno is a “lottery-style” game that is most suited for players who enjoy video Keno.

For side-betting games, operators can pool many machines together to create a branded progressive jackpot. As a result of this strategy the progressive jackpot will in turn be larger and more enticing for the players.

Boost-BI is an advanced analytical application that allows the casino operator to analyse the players betting habits on every wager they place. This allows the casino to analyse, in-depth, how players react on specific events over a given gaming session.

With such extensive data, operators can determine the behavioural changes of the player during a gaming session. This allows the casino to implement effective change in their business to boost profitability.

By partnering with Tipping Point Gaming you will benefit from their innovation, creativity and determination to further change the industry, not one change at a time but rather change at one swift moment in time.

Riversource gaming

Riversource is a technology company based in Liechtenstein that specialises in the creation of web apps. Their focus is on making software available and accessible to the most common denominator on a daily basis. Their online gaming product is offered in multiple languages and currencies, and available online, on mobile devices or land-based.


Riversource use state of the art technology to provide software that is available across Windows, Mac, Linux and web-based software.

HTML5 Apps:

  • Create usable poker apps
  • Multi-table options that can sustain heavy data communications
  • Accessible on iOS or Android in web browsers

Online Gaming:

  • Cross-platform and web-based online gaming software
  • Full turn-key platform with integration to 20+ payment processing companies
  • Fully managed Casino platform for kiosk usage
  • Compatibility with Windows, MAC, Android and iOS

Admin Panel:

  • Backend administrative tools and 3rd party web services
  • Live monitoring of statistics and financial data on a 24/7 basis
  • Assign tasks to employees dependant on capacity and access level


  • Flexible portfolio and ultra-high availability
  • Include Riversourse products into existing setups to enhance current portfolio
  • Fast and reliable integration

Benefits of Riversouce:

  • Platform remains up to date with the following of the latest trends
  • Peerless design offers customised, unique design and strength
  • Backend tools and comprehensive server side monitoring
  • Platform configuration to maximise revenue
  • Customer loyalty rewarded
  • Promotion tools and bonuses offered
  • 24/7 Customer support

Riversource pride themselves on bringing the highest proficiency in business and software development with the aim of maximum benefit to operators.

Curacao RNG Certification | RNG Certificate for your casino game

If you want a Curacao Gambling License, you will need Curacao RNG certification for your game.

The Curacao RNG certification process

To obtain a Curacao gambling license, one of the pre-requisites is an RNG (Random Number Generator) certifciate for your game(s). You will need this in order to offer any type of rng gaming and without it, your games can not be offered legally to end users under a Curacao license. In order to obtain an RNG certificate, an authorised certifier will need to test your software.

The end to end process will cost in the region of €3700 and will take at least 4 weeks to complete.

What does a Random Number Generator Do?

The purpose of an RNG (Random number Generator) is to output unpredictable numbers in such a way that the outcome can not be pre-determined. This is especially important in gambling related games.

RNG Testing service

Should you wish to have your RNG tested, get in touch: Skype: Brendanjnash Email: brendan [at] WhatsApp: +44 (0)7498105896

Use our pre-certified library

If you are in a hurry and need your certificate in a short space of time or do not wish to go through a lengthy certification process which may fail, you can use our library which has passed RNG certifciation for the Curacao license.

You can use our certified rng library which is on packagist or a third party api implementation of it here.

Once your game is using our RNG library, get in touch and we will provide you with the require RNG certificate.

RNG test utility

Should you be interested, we have written a command line RNG test utility which uses our library and includes some simple games and card shuffling methods.

Types of random number generators

  • Lottery number generator
  • Lucky number generator
  • Raffle number generator
  • Pick 4 generator
  • Card shuffle RNG
  • We can assist you with software for your RNG needs.

    How much does an RNG certificate cost?

    On average you will pay between €3000 to €4000 to have a games RNG mechanism certified. And this will take around 4 weeks to complete. If you are in a hurry, for a similar price you can use our RNG library which has a short turn around time. Having said this, each game is different and you would be advised to request a quote.

    When certifying multiple games, it would be wise to use the same RNG mechanism for each game to reduce costs.

    Get in touch

    We can assist you with your games licensing as well as third party RNG libraries. We work closely with certifiers and regulators and are able to get your game RNG ready for your licensing needs.

    Curacao RNG certification

    Gambling license for Loot Boxes

    What is a loot box?

    Loot boxes are an incredible form of lottery for everybody who wants to win exciting upgrades while playing online video games. Regardless of whether you are anticipating upgrading your character or level in a game or just playing video games for fun, loot boxes can be a means of great entertainment. Loot boxes are basically the jackpots or boxes that let you win different items based on luck. It all relies on chance just like poker machines. Basically, these boxes let you win different incredible virtual items while playing any video game. You can make transactions and buy different virtual items like gold coins, extra lives, arms and weapons or just upgrade your level. These loot boxes allow you to progress in the game quickly and also let you enjoy the advanced levels of game.

    What can you win with loot boxes?

    These stunning loot boxes give you a golden chance to win a huge number of virtual items that you wish to gain in your game. While playing the online video games, you might be given an offer to buy a loot box. These loot boxes normally offer great prizes to the players in exchange of money. The items inside the box are consumable. You can also personalize these loot boxes containing virtual items of your choice. Many times, these loot boxes contain random virtual items and provide you an opportunity to change the avatar of your player. You can buy advanced armor of your choice. When the players buy these loot boxes, you can also redeem them later through different keys or codes.

    Purpose of loot boxes

    These loot boxes are effortlessly available and have been intended to give you an interesting chance of winning different virtual rewards. They also give you a chance to test your luckiness. Sometimes even with all the essential gaming abilities, you still need some kind of push to go forward in a game. This is where these loot boxes come to your rescue. These jackpots make diverse items accessible to the players and you will doubtlessly savor the opportunity to buy them. You just have to purchase these loot boxes and see what it has in store for you!

    Why are lootboxes so desired?

    The best thing about loot boxes is that they keep your interest going on while playing the video games by introducing new dimensions to the game. Moreover, they are a means of generating revenue for those free online video games that don’t charge you otherwise while registering. The loot boxes are particularly interesting as they can surprise the players with rare items sometimes. You can get a special award or a rare outfit through the loot box. In some cases, your player might get superpower for a certain time. Most of these boxes have been designed just like slot games, therefore they are a popular type of basic level gambling. In some cases, these loot boxes are given out to the players as a reward to watching various advertisements or promotional videos that might pop up on your screen.


    Therefore, we can conclude that regardless of whether you are an enthusiast of cards games, avatar games, role playing games or action games, loot boxes are extremely extraordinary and give you the opportunity to attempt your fortunes!

    Are loot boxes a form of gambling?

    Legislators throughout Europe are unanimous in their decision that loot baxes are a form of gambling and require a gambling license and it is aleged that prosecutors are readying themselves to target unlicensed loot box owners.

    How to get a gambling license for loot boxes?

    Getting a gambling license for a loot box business can be expensive especially if you choose to setup and apply for a Curacao license or a Malta license. However, going through this expense is unncessary when you can work with a company such as who will issue you with a white label casino license in order for you to operate your loot box operation.

    How to license a Cryptocurrency casino

    If you are involved with cryptocurrency casinos, chances are, you have wondered How to license a Cryptocurrency casino?

    About cryptocurrency

    The creation of cryptocurrency and digital currency has revolutionised online gambling. The first digital currency was introduced in 2008 and today there are over 1500 different crypto currencies and growing. Bitcoin is the most popular and the first. There are a number of online casinos that accept digital currency, therefore knowing what qualities to expect from good Crypto Casino’s is important.

    Here are a few qualities to consider:

    1. Fast deposits and withdrawal: All crypto currencies boast a fast deposit and withdrawal speed, these transactions should be done in a few minutes.
    2. Transaction fees: These are much smaller when depositing and withdrawing cryptocurrency.
    3. Anonymity: Usually only your email address is required. This anonymity also allows users, located in countries where online gambling is forbidden, to access and play at online casinos.
    4. Verifiable game results: Via provably fair protocols – numerous crypto casinos offer a provably fair feature, which users can utilize in order to verify whether their roll is authentic or has been tampered with. This provably fair system guarantees fairness of games. The transparency of blockchain can also be used to further prove fairness.
    5. Higher pay outs: Any high quality crypto casino will offer high pay outs across all games.
    6. Lucrative Offers: Be on the lookout for welcome bonuses and in-house game promotions. Loyal Bitcoin gamers may also qualify for exclusive VIP reward systems where they are handsomely rewarded.

    Cryptocurrency casino checklist

    1. Proper licensing from a recognized gaming jurisdiction.
    2. 24 hour customer support in case of any queries.

    Are cryptocurrency casinos legal?

    The big question on many minds – is cryptocurrency gambling legal? The short answer is currently, yes. As it isn’t an official currency, ‘playing’ with it doesn’t differ much from playing with any other virtual currency. In addition, if you have acquired your cryptocurrency anonymously then it becomes almost impossible to ban, restrict, or regulate. We wrote an article on Bitcoin casino licensing which should give you some more insight.

    How to license a cryptocurrency casino?

    A cryptocurrency casino is licensed no differently than a normal casino. There are certain restrictions that may be put in place, for instance, Curacao licensed casinos can not act as a type of exchange or financial services entity and for this reason, if they accept Bitcoin, they must not convert this into any other currency. This can easily be circumvented by using a third party PSP who does the exchange for you.

    Why license your cryptocurrency venture?

    We speak with prospective casino owners on a day to day basis and it is a common question as to the point of licensing a pure crypto casino. One of the many reasons is accountability. A licensed casino is required to adhere to certain rules and regulations as enforced by the jurisdiction in which it works. This may be to ensure that games are fair or to have enough funds to payout players. Another reason is that by licensing under a jurisdiction, you are protected from third party law suits who may claim (right or wrong) that you are operating your cryptocurrency illegally.

    How to get started?

    When considering licensing your venture you may be interested in obtaining either a Malta gambling license or a Curacao gambling license. You also have an option to setup a white label type solution as well which is affordable. can power your cryptocurrency casino

    While regulations in most jurisdictions are still green, a time will come when games of skill will need to be regulated. In cases where they do, you are free to ingerate your games into the platform which operates off a gambling license.

    For more information: licensing for game developers

    I have years of experience with gambling hosting, casino games, Curacao licensing and online casinos

    Get in touch

    Optima sports betting software

    Optima provide interactive sports betting and e-gaming software. With offices in Spain, Serbia and the United Kingdom, their global reach enables them to provide the best betting and e-gaming solution on the market. Their mission is to provide, maintain and support the most stable, efficient and modular software suite for private and public use on a global scale. Optima Gaming deliver dynamic and agile service at competitive prices.

    Optima Gaming are a licensed supplier of turnkey sports betting and gaming solutions, and have full intellectual property rights to the GTECH MarginMaker™. Optima’s management invest in efficient and solid technology that enable them to remain at the forefront of the industry. They pride themselves on being honest, straightforward and honest, ensuring that their clients receive optimum service.


    MarginMaker™ is Optima’s suite of betting engines. It supports spread betting on a variety of sports across a number of platforms including Call-Centres, internet, mobile and retail. Benefits include:

    1. Risk and liability control
    2. Live, In-play betting
    3. Unique catalogue of sports betting opportunities tailored to clients needs
    4. High performance and scalability
    5. Set up of own casino
    6. Flexibility on product channels
    7. Simple licensing model

    Fixed Odds Software

    1. Three tier process allows in-stream auto-trading to reduce liability and risk
    2. Real-time settlement enables clients to reinvest winnings
    3. Scalable and high performing system that processes high volume of transactions
    4. Wide range of application integration points

    Content Management Framework

    Optima use a component-based web framework – WARP – for content management and sports betting. Specifically designed by Optima to meet the needs and expectations of customers in order for them to reap the benefits of the latest technology. WARP provides a flexible way for customers to change their sites with a variable amount of Optima involvement. Key features include:

    1. Flexible web branding enabling customers to differentiate between them and their competitors
    2. System is designed for high performance and scalability
    3. Prism portal management can manage multiple website, ideal for clients that use White Label model

    Software Integration Points

    The Optima MGS™ system is the leading open system on the market, and has been designed for integrations between applications within the MGS™ suite.

    1. Ideal for deployment into heterogenous environments allowing clients to avoid vendor tie-in
    2. In-house development capability allows clients to take ownership of the system
    3. Optima Altura terminal allows a single point of sale to accept transactions that are passed to the relevant back-end system

    Optima professionals pride themselves on accomplishing their operational tasks for their clients to maximise on the efficiency and profitability of online gaming platforms. Clients have access to expert advice on how to expand and better serve customers.

    How to run an Optima Sports Betting Casino?

    We work with, a white labeling service provider which will be your fastest route to getting your optima sports betting solution online.

    Additionally we offer a Curacao and a Malta licensing opportunity which may suite your needs.

    Get in touch, we are a wealth of information and can help you make an informed decision.

    I have years of experience with gambling hosting, casino games, Curacao licensing and online casinos

    Contact us for a quote

    Where can a Curacao gambling license be used?

    If you are thinking of getting a Curacao Gambling License, you will better understand how and where a curacao gambling license can be used once you understand the seven types of gambling jurisdictions which are seen across the world.

    1. Jurisdictions which allow no form of online gambling for example China, Turkey, UAE, Brunei, Cambodia, North Korea, Japan, Singapore, Quatar, Lebanon, Poland (Note, this list may not be accurate and is provided as a reference).
    2. Jurisdictions which allow only licensing for online gambling operators but do not allow them to provide services within the country and does not allow any foreign license holders also to operate.
    3. Jurisdictions which allow only licensing for online gambling operators but do not allow them to provide services within the country, but they impose no restriction on any foreign license holders to operate. (ex. Costa Rica).
    4. Jurisdictions which have no laws on online gambling (ex. India).
    5. Jurisdictions which allow online gambling only through operators registered in the same country or state (ex. Some states in the USA).
    6. Jurisdictions which allow online gambling by its residents through licensed operators from selected countries but have no domestic laws (ex. Most EU Countries which allow EU licensed operators to accept customers from their countries).
    7. Jurisdictions which allow online gambling by its residents through licensed operators from the home country and selected other countries (ex. Most EU Countries which allow EU licensed operators to accept customers from their countries).

    Now, no online gambling operations are possible with a Curacao license in the first two categories of countries (1,2) and countries which fall under Category 5.

    So, with a Curacao license, operations will be possible in countries which fall under Category 3 and a few countries under Category 4, 6 and 7. This also means that for the other countries under Category 4, 6 and 7 you will have to acquire specialised licenses.

    To Qualify the above

    The Curacao license strictly forbids the following countries Aruba, Bonaire, Curacao, France, The Netherlands, Saba, Statia, St. Maarten, Singapore, USA.

    All other countries are fair game.

    Advertising may be limited

    Your operation will be limited by its ability to legally advertise in some jurisdictions without a local license. For instance, Australia is not forbidden by the Curacao license, however, you will not be able to take out a centerfold advertisement in their local newspapers without Bruce, understandably, getting upset.

    Payments may be limited

    In addition to advertising restrictions, your operation will be limited by its ability to accept payments in some jurisdictions. Payment service providers will often block card payments from jurisdictions where you need a local license.

    Cryptocurrencies are a curve ball

    Bitcoins and other Altcoins changes the above somewhat in that, there is no way for regulators to regulate its use and in some jurisdictions they are not considered a “currency”. In these instances, you would be able to offer your service to anyone able to pay with cryptocurrency so long as you do not actively target the forbidden countries as stipulated by the Curacao government.

    How to get a license

    We work with, a white labeling service provider which will be your fastest route to getting a gambling license.

    Additionally we offer a Curacao and a Malta licensing opportunity which may suite your needs.

    Get in touch, we are a wealth of information and can help you make an informed decision.

    I have years of experience with gambling hosting, casino games, Curacao licensing and online casinos

    Contact us for a quote