Optima sports betting software

Optima provide interactive sports betting and e-gaming software. With offices in Spain, Serbia and the United Kingdom, their global reach enables them to provide the best betting and e-gaming solution on the market. Their mission is to provide, maintain and support the most stable, efficient and modular software suite for private and public use on a global scale. Optima Gaming deliver dynamic and agile service at competitive prices.

Optima Gaming are a licensed supplier of turnkey sports betting and gaming solutions, and have full intellectual property rights to the GTECH MarginMaker™. Optima’s management invest in efficient and solid technology that enable them to remain at the forefront of the industry. They pride themselves on being honest, straightforward and honest, ensuring that their clients receive optimum service.


MarginMaker™ is Optima’s suite of betting engines. It supports spread betting on a variety of sports across a number of platforms including Call-Centres, internet, mobile and retail. Benefits include:

  1. Risk and liability control
  2. Live, In-play betting
  3. Unique catalogue of sports betting opportunities tailored to clients needs
  4. High performance and scalability
  5. Set up of own casino
  6. Flexibility on product channels
  7. Simple licensing model

Fixed Odds Software

  1. Three tier process allows in-stream auto-trading to reduce liability and risk
  2. Real-time settlement enables clients to reinvest winnings
  3. Scalable and high performing system that processes high volume of transactions
  4. Wide range of application integration points

Content Management Framework

Optima use a component-based web framework – WARP – for content management and sports betting. Specifically designed by Optima to meet the needs and expectations of customers in order for them to reap the benefits of the latest technology. WARP provides a flexible way for customers to change their sites with a variable amount of Optima involvement. Key features include:

  1. Flexible web branding enabling customers to differentiate between them and their competitors
  2. System is designed for high performance and scalability
  3. Prism portal management can manage multiple website, ideal for clients that use White Label model

Software Integration Points

The Optima MGS™ system is the leading open system on the market, and has been designed for integrations between applications within the MGS™ suite.

  1. Ideal for deployment into heterogenous environments allowing clients to avoid vendor tie-in
  2. In-house development capability allows clients to take ownership of the system
  3. Optima Altura terminal allows a single point of sale to accept transactions that are passed to the relevant back-end system

Optima professionals pride themselves on accomplishing their operational tasks for their clients to maximise on the efficiency and profitability of online gaming platforms. Clients have access to expert advice on how to expand and better serve customers.

How to run an Optima Sports Betting Casino?

We work with GamblingTec.com, a white labeling service provider which will be your fastest route to getting your optima sports betting solution online.

Additionally we offer a Curacao and a Malta licensing opportunity which may suite your needs.

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