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Buy online casino

If you are looking to buy an online casino you have come to the right place. We work with a number of partners and brokers with the aim of finding, vetting, and selling on great casinos.

Why do people sell casinos?

There are many reasons to sell, in some cases, the operators have other projects to move onto, or wish to reitre or an active partner decides to leave and the passive investors decide to sell.

Whatever the reason, we have casinos for sale, and if you are looking to buy, lets chat!

How it works

Selling a casino is not quite the same as selling a T-Shirt. The best way to start the process is to get in touch and to advise your budget. We charge a once-off fee of €5000 to start the process which is refundable should you proceed with a purchase. Please note that the minimum casino sale is 1M EUR, we do not deal with smaller operations.

How much should I pay?

There are a number of factors involved in what the right price to pay for an online casino. As a rule of thumb, we recommend a bit more than the previous years NGR as a guideline. With a bit of work, you want to recover your investment within 12 months of purchase.

Other influencing factors are company length of trading, the amount of new FTD’s (full-time depositors), and where is the company licensed?

What should I look out for?

It is recommended that you buy a casino through a broker and one that is properly licensed. Your checklist should include:

  1. Is the license valid?
  2. Are all the debts paid up?
  3. What is owed to customers? (i.e. make sure a whale is not waiting for payment!)
  4. Have the affiliates been paid? Angry affiliates can break a brand!
  5. Has the casino been blocked or banned by google?
  6. What are the recurring monthly fees?
  7. Make sure the company exists in the local chamber of commerce.
  8. A general google search will check the casino’s reputation.

How we help you?

We work with a number of casino agents and companies involved in casino mergers and acquisitions. When a client wishes to buy a casino, we run all the necessary checks to ensure the casino is bonafide.

What casinos do you have for sale?

In general, we have between 50 and 100 operational online casinos for sale at any given time. Prices range from 500K EUR to 10M EUR. As a rule of thumb, each casino should more or less recover its sale price within the first year.

What casino structures do you have for sale?

In addition to operational casinos, we also have casino shelf companies. In general, these are companies that have never traded and typically have a bank account, gambling license, software, and processing of some kind.

The price of these vary and you will likely pay anything from 70 – 120K EUR. The advantage of buying such a structure is that its ready to go and you will save yourself many months of effort setting up from scratch.

Current Online Casinos for SaleCurrent online casinos for sale:

Reference Region Type Description Revenue
GG201 Brazil B2C Online and mobile betting and gaming operator focusing on Brazil and South America $3.7M
GG202 Brazil B2C B2C Social mobile gaming developer and operator focusing on Brazil 8M EUR
GG203 Columbia B2C B2C Online and mobile sports betting operator, with a chain of 1300 retail agents in Colombia 3.2M EUR
GG204 n/a B2C B2C Online bingo and casino operator, licensed in Curacao 28.8M EUR
GG205 Cyprus B2C B2C Online FX/CFD and options brokerage 20.6M EUR
GG206 Cyprus B2C B2C Social betting platform with an intelligent algorithm that grades betting tips 430K EUR
GG207 n/a B2C B2C Online and mobile betting and gaming operator 16.2M
GG208 Germany B2C B2C Landbased and online betting and gaming operator based in Germany GGR 45M / EBITDA 5M EUR
GG209 India B2C B2C Online poker and daily fantasy sports operator in India market 4M EUR
GG210 India B2C India based B2C Daily fantasy sports operator
GG211 India B2C B2C/B2B Online poker and daily fantasy sports operator
GG212 India B2C Online Live Dealer provider
GG213 n/a B2C Provider and developer of online Videobingo and slots. An aggregator platform that offers proprietary and third party video bingo games 2.8M EUR
GG214 Italy B2C/B2B B2C/B2B HTML5 Games Technology Developer and Aggregator; B2C Casual Games Operator 2.6M
GG215 Italy B2B B2B Magazine and online and mobile Italian leading betting and gaming editorial company 500K EUR
GG216 Italy B2C B2C Licensed online gaming operator in the Italian market GGR 4.1M / EBITDA 2M EUR
GG217 Italy B2C B2C Italian affiliate contractor and online publisher of betting content for punters 150K EUR
GG218 Italy B2C B2C Italian AWP/VLTs operator with a total of 5.000 machines and owner of 8 gaming halls GGR 21.7M / EBITDA 7M EUR
GG219 Italy B2B B2B Casino and gaming halls furniture manufacturer
GG220 Italy B2C/B2B B2C/B2B Social betting B2C operator and B2B platform provider GGR 270K EUR
GG221 Italy B2B B2B Skill games and roulette provider GGR 3.1M EUR
GG222 Italy B2B Italian Land-based and online betting and gaming open platform (VLT, AWP, betting etc)
GG223 Italy B2C Italian B2C AWP/VLTs operator and owner of 2 bingo halls
GG224 Italy B2B Italy B2B Real money betting on players performance platform GGR 136k EUR
GG225 Italy B2C Italy B2C Land-based and online betting and gaming operator with 80 betting shops and 1 bingo hall EBITDA 3.3M EUR
GG226 Italy B2C Italian Land-based and online betting and gaming operator with 70 betting shops and over 800 PVRs EBITDA 3.3M EUR
GG227 Italy B2C B2C Affiliation network in gaming in Italy GGR 1.1M EUR
GG228 Italy B2C B2C 14 gaming halls in Northern Italy equipped with VLTs and AWPs GGR 36M EUR
GG229 Kenya B2C Kenya B2C Online and mobile betting operator integrated with local payment solution
GG230 Malta B2C B2C Betting and gaming affiliation group in Italy and internationally GGR 3.8M EUR
GG231 Malta B2B B2B Platform for production and streaming of live casino from both the studio and the casino floor GGR 4M / EBITDA 2M EUR
GG232 Malta B2B B2B Sports betting software provider and gaming supplier aggregator
GG233 Malta B2B B2B Online casino gaming software and platform developer and provider
GG234 Mexico B2C Mexico B2C Single license with no operation in place
GG235 Mexico B2C Six landbased casinos, renting 25 licenses in Mexico
GG236 Montenegro B2C B2C Land-based and online betting and gaming operator based in Montenegro
GG237 Nigeria B2C Nigerian Land-based and online betting and gaming operator, operating a chain of 120 betting shops
GG238 Poland B2C B2C Esports betting operator GGR 2.4M EUR
GG239 Portugal B2B 2B Sports betting platform provider based in Portugal GGR 3.4M EUR
GG240 Portugal / Brazil B2C B2C Online and mobile betting and gaming operator aimed at Portugal and Brazil GGR 6.9M EUR
GG241 South Africa B2B B2B Global online and land-based virtual sports provider
GG242 Tanzania B2C B2C Online and mobile sports betting operator operating on own platform out of Tanzania
GG243 USA B2C B2C Online and mobile live dealer social casino provider and operator
GG244 USA B2B B2B Sports betting platform provider based in USA GGR $5M

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