RNG Certification for your casino game

What is RNG in gaming?

RNG or Random Number Generator is the maths behind code that will select a winning lottery number, determine which reels appears in a slot machine pull or how cards are shuffled in a deck of cards. In gaming the mechanism you use to determine the outcome must be certified in order to meet regulatory requirements.

How can we help you?

We assist our clients in two ways:

  1. We can assist you by obtain RNG certification for your existing game using your code.
  2. We can assist you by obtain RNG certification for one of our RNG libraries that have already passed certification.

It is quick and easy to install our library and takes no time at all to have the certificate issued to your company.

What countries can we certify?

Our partners are recognised by regulatory authorities worldwide: Alderney, Antigua, Bulgaria, Croatia, Curacao, Denmark, Estonia, Gibraltar, Isle of Man, Italy, Jersey, Kahnawáke, Latvia, Lithuania, Madrid, Malta, Northern Territory of Australia, Philippines, Portugal, Romania, Spain, Sweden and United Kingdom. We are committed to continue with accreditation status in all emerging jurisdictions. All work will be credited toward certification against the requirements of all these jurisdictions.

Where is your library valid?

Our library has been tested against the UK Remote Gambling and Software Tehcnical Standards, June 2017 and is valid in the UK, Curacao, Malta and other locations that accept the UK testing standards.

What does it cost?


A server side script to deliver cryptographically secure pseudo random numbers for games used under a Curacao gambling license.




€2800.00 EUR


A client side javascript library to deliver cryptographically secure pseudo random numbers for games under a Curacao gambling license.




€2800.00 EUR


Our test lab will certify your library of choice for RNG. Once certified, it will be eligible for use under a Curacao Gambling License!


€3800.00 EUR

The Curacao RNG certification process

To obtain a Curacao gambling license, one of the pre-requisites is an RNG (Random Number Generator) certifciate for your game(s). You will need this in order to offer any type of buy Pregabalin powder rng gaming and without it, your games can not be offered legally to end users under a Curacao license. In order to obtain a RNG certificate, an authorised certifier will need to test your software.

The end to end process will cost in the region of €3200 and will take at least 4 weeks to complete.

What does a Random Number Generator Do?

The purpose of an RNG (Random number Generator) is to output unpredictable numbers in such a way that the outcome can not be pre-determined. This is especially important in gambling related games.

RNG Testing service

We work with a number of test labs and can assist you in the process of getting your RNG tested and certified (at no additional cost).

Should you wish to have your RNG tested, get in touch: Skype: Brendanjnash Email: brendan [at] gamblingtec.com WhatsApp: +44 (0)7498105896

Use our pre-certified library

We have had a PHP and a Javascript library certified and you are free to use them. This will save you in both costs and time!

If you are in a hurry and need your certificate in a short space of time or do not wish to go through a lengthy certification process which may fail, you can use our library which has passed RNG certifciation for the Curacao license.

Certified RNG Gambling using PHP

You can use our PHP certified rng library which is on packagist or a third party api implementation of it here.

Once your game is using our RNG library, get in touch and we will provide you with the require RNG certificate.

Certified RNG Gambling using JAVASCRIPT

We recently certified a javascript RNG script (XorShift) which you can find on packagist.

What does it cost to get a certificate for your library?

The cost is €2500 and you can purchase it here.

PHP RNG test utility

Should you be interested, we have written a command line RNG test utility which uses our PHP library and includes some simple games and card shuffling methods.

Types of random number generators

  • Lottery number generator
  • Lucky number generator
  • Raffle number generator
  • Pick 4 generator
  • Card shuffle RNG

We can assist you with software for your RNG needs.

How much does an RNG certificate cost?

On average you will pay between €3500 to €4500 to have a games RNG mechanism certified. And this will take around 4 weeks to complete. If you are in a hurry, for a similar price you can use our RNG library which has a short turn around time. Having said this, each game is different and you would be advised to request a quote.

When certifying multiple games, it would be wise to use the same RNG mechanism for each game to reduce costs.

Get in touch

We can assist you with your games licensing as well as third party RNG libraries. We work closely with certifiers and regulators and are able to get your game RNG ready for your licensing needs.

Curacao RNG certification