Where can a Curacao gambling license be used?

Gambling license report

If you are thinking of getting a Curacao Gambling License, you will better understand how and where a curacao gambling license can be used once you understand the seven types of gambling jurisdictions which are seen across the world.

  1. Jurisdictions which allow no form of online gambling for example China, Turkey, UAE, Brunei, Cambodia, North Korea, Japan, Singapore, Quatar, Lebanon, Poland (Note, this list may not be accurate and is provided as a reference).
  2. Jurisdictions which allow only licensing for online gambling operators but do not allow them to provide services within the country and does not allow any foreign license holders also to operate.
  3. Jurisdictions which allow only licensing for online gambling operators but do not allow them to provide services within the country, but they impose no restriction on any foreign license holders to operate. (ex. Costa Rica).
  4. Jurisdictions which have no laws on online gambling (ex. India).
  5. Jurisdictions which allow online gambling only through operators registered in the same country or state (ex. Some states in the USA).
  6. Jurisdictions which allow online gambling by its residents through licensed operators from selected countries but have no domestic laws (ex. Most EU Countries which allow EU licensed operators to accept customers from their countries).
  7. Jurisdictions which allow online gambling by its residents through licensed operators from the home country and selected other countries (ex. Most EU Countries which allow EU licensed operators to accept customers from their countries).

Now, no online gambling operations are possible with a Curacao license in the first two categories of countries (1,2) and countries which fall under Category 5.

So, with a Curacao license, operations will be possible in countries which fall under Category 3 and a few countries under Category 4, 6 and 7. This also means that for the other countries under Category 4, 6 and 7 you will have to acquire specialised licenses.

To Qualify the above

The Curacao license strictly forbids the following countries Aruba, Bonaire, Curacao, France, The Netherlands, Saba, Statia, St. Maarten, Singapore, USA.

http://czechinthekitchen.com/wp-json/wp/v2/media/2197 All other countries are fair game.

Advertising may be limited

Your operation will be limited by its ability to legally advertise in some jurisdictions without a local license. For instance, Australia is not forbidden by the Curacao license, however, you will not be able to take out a centerfold advertisement in their local newspapers without Bruce, understandably, getting upset.

Payments may be limited

In addition to advertising restrictions, your operation will be limited by its ability to accept payments in some jurisdictions. Payment service providers will often block card payments from jurisdictions where you need a local license.

Cryptocurrencies are a curve ball

Bitcoins and other Altcoins changes the above somewhat in that, there is no way for regulators to regulate its use and in some jurisdictions they are not considered a “currency”. In these instances, you would be able to offer your service to anyone able to pay with cryptocurrency so long as you do not actively target the forbidden countries as stipulated by the Curacao government.

How to get a license

We work with GamblingTec.com, a white labeling service provider which will be your fastest route to getting a gambling license.

Additionally we offer a Curacao and a Malta licensing opportunity which may suite your needs.

Get in touch, we are a wealth of information and can help you make an informed decision.

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White label, turn key, casino solutions

If you are looking for a white label casino or a way to license your own games in order to start an online casino, then you have come to the right place.

GamblingTec offers services to game developers, marketers, influencers, entrepreneurs who need a licensing structure as well as casino operators looking for a white label, turn key, online casino licensing solution.


As a Nedumangād turn key white Label online casino software provider, GamblingTec is a cost-effective and comprehensive platform aimed at licensing your casino idea in a short space of time. The aim is to save you time, money, recruitment and staff costs and all other aspects of starting a casino from the ground up. GamblingTec will implement a ready-to-go-live product, in time and on budget.

Essentially GamblingTec helps you with your casino white labeling needs. It uses propriatory software integrated into everything you need in order to run an online casino business. For instance, it is integrated into payment solutions, hosting, gambling licenses and accounting solutions. The main advantage is the simplicity to get your caino up and running. Additionally, there is little regulatory or compliance procedures to go through since GamblingTec.com has already covered this.


With a white label casino solution, it is simple and easy to operate under a unified gaming license. Consequently, very little bureaucracy is involved and your casino will legally operate under the company’s gambling license. This will make your casino simpler and easier to manage.


Online casinos traditionally struggle to accept online payments. For this reason, finding the right payment partner for your business can be both challenging and frustrating. Not only do you need to go through extensive due diligence, KYC and AML processes, you also need to maintain your financial infrastructure. This is important due to ongoing regulatory changes that will impact your ability to accept payments. In our opinion, by managing a white label casino, you need not worry about the underlying payment infrastructure. This infrastructure is managed by GamblingTec.com’s dedicated team of payment specialists.


Game developers produce games for the platform which are ready for you to offer to your customers with little to no hassle. Due to this, you will save on game setup fees traditionally charged by game companies. Furthermore, you will not need to pay for complicated wallet integrations.

In addition to this, if you have a game idea, the GamblingTec.com team of software engineers are willing and able to work with you in order to produce your game for you.


The GamblingTec.com platform is integrated into a variety of payment solutions such as NETEller, Skrill, Credit Card, and Bitcoin. This gives your customers a wide variety of deposit methods to choose from which means better revenues.


Setting up a white label casino can be expensive, however, with GamblingTec.com, pricing is flexible and has been designed to meet a variety of budgets. to save costs, you are free to opt for a revenue share deal in lieu of fixed monthly costs which can be updated at any time. Not only this, if you wish to move your casino to a stand-alone gambling license, the company will help you with the transition.

We work with GamblingTec.com as well as Curacao and Malta licensing opportunities. We can help you make an informed decision when defining what option is best for you.

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Push Gaming, Mobile gambling games for casinos

Founded in 2010 by James Marshall and Winston Lee, Push Gaming is a games development studio. Their vision to take land-based games to the online market led to a reputable mobile gaming operation that competes with industry leaders. With a special focus on creating mobile-optimised HTML5 games, Push Gaming provides market-leading entertaining mobile games. In proud partnership with influential operators around the world, Push Gaming know what it takes to create games that are both entertaining and ensure businesses thrive.

Push Gaming is licensed through UK Remote Software and holds an Alderney Associate Supplier Certificate. They are proud to be in partnership with some of the world’s most prominent operators, including Unibet, Mr Green, Rank Group, LeoVegas, PokerStars, and Hero Gaming, to name a few.

Push Gaming Games

Push Gaming release desktop and mobile games at the same time to ensure clients have access to both platforms at the same time. They make use of HTML5 software, providing players with a selection of games on a number of platforms. Their aim is for as many players as possible to have access to their games right, prioritising both accessibility and quality for all. 2016 say Push Gaming’s releases are playable across twenty different brand platforms.

Push Gaming Online Games

• Wizard Shop
• Dragon Sisters
• Power Force Heroes
• Humpty Dumpty
• Gems of the Gods
• Ice Breaker
• Meet the Meerkats
• Power Force Villains
• Golden Farm
• Star Fall
• Peter and the Lost Boys
• Ultimate Dream Team
• Hockey Hero
• Bonus Beans

Push Gaming pride themselves on being reliable, flexible and ensure that they delivery optimum content for both operators and clients. While their offices are based in London, they are set to expand globally enabling them to remain one of the leaders in the mobile gaming industry.

How to offer Push Gaming casino games to your customers

We work with our clients to obtain either a Curcao Gambling License or a Malta Gambling License which is required to setup an online casino. Once you have a license, you will be able to offer these incredible games to your customers.

If you are looking for a simple white labeling offering, a GamblingTec white label casino is an affordable solution to integrate into Join Games slots and Virtual reality casino games.

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Join Games, casino game software provider

Join Games was founded in 2014 by two business managers in Malta whose aim was to offer a gaming platform that would become a renowned casino slot provider. Their shared vision to become a renowned Casino Slot Provider has resulted in Join Games becoming one of the top gaming providers. Join Games offers games made in-house in B2B modes to licenses operators around the world.

Join Games – Products

Join Games offers a power pack of punchy games that we absolutely love. Slot titles include Kleopatra, The Legend of Emerald, Cyber Ninja, Horror Circus, Zombie Escape, Venice Carnival, Aztec Temple, The Dragon, DoJo, Sakura, Naga King, Kunoichi, Monster House, Caesars Glory and Apocalypse Knight.

One of their innovative gaming concepts is called http://jennmolo.com/service-level-agreement-for-hr/ cineslot games involves real life actors featuring in slot games in amongst animated characters, providing gamers with a more realistic experience. The Legends of Emerald and Kleopatra are two such games.

Virtual Reality

Join Games launched an industry first through their delivery of immersive and interactive Virtual Reality slot games. Games are designed to have a computer-generated simulation 3D image that players can interact with. Join Games offers the Virtual Reality Slots iGame, Kleopatra VR, in which players get first-hand experience of the future of iGaming.

Premium Slot and Slot Games

Join Games work with some of the biggest gaming platforms and operators to provide a premium gaming experience. Their growth and innovations continue to grow as a result of cooperation with the likes of iSoftbet and Ezugi.

Titles include Cyber Ninja, Horror Circus, Zombie Escape, Venice Carnival

Standard Slot games

Titles include Aztec Temple, The Dragon, Dojo, Sakura and Naga King.

Pristine Control Panel

Join Games pride themselves on working tirelessly to provide players and operators the best gaming experience possible through their uniquely designed control panel. Games are available on both desktop and mobile devices, and are easily usable as a result of their altered slot buttons. Slot buttons are designed in a way that allows both left and right handed players the ease of playing by simply shifting from left to right – the only provider having made provision for this in history.

Join Games is an innovative and creative software provider whose knowledge and experience offer a truly unique gaming experience that challenges its competitors and calls for a new level of initiative when it comes to online gaming.

join games slots

Get in touch:

I have years of experience with gambling hosting, casino games, Curacao gambling licensing and online casinos


We wrote an article on Curacao Gambling License which may be of interest to you should you be looking for further information.

Sunscape Curacao, Resort, Spa and Casino

Sunscape Curacao is a Resort, Spa and Casino in Curacao.

The Sunscape Curacao hotel is located on Dr. Martin Luther King Boulevard in Willemstad. It offers a number of activities including a casino, watersports, daily activities, tours and activities, and an explorers club for the kids.

Sunscape Curacao Casino

The Princess Casino is one of the largest and busiest on the island offering guests and locals plenty of adults-only fun from 10 a.m. to 3 a.m. (Sunday-Thursday) and 10 a.m.to 4 a.m. (Friday and Saturday).

You can take part in daily lucky draws, special promotions and VIP member amenities.

the casino offers the following games

  • Nearly 300 of the latest slot machines ($0.05 – $1.00 minimum bets)
  • Three American Roulette tables ($0.50 minimum bet)
  • Four Blackjack tables – Progressive bonus of $250,000! ($5.00 minimum bet)
  • Two Caribbean Stud Poker tables – Progressive bonus of $8,000! ($5.00 minimum bet)
  • And coming soon, three additional poker tables
  • Kadushi Jackpot – a wide area mystery jackpot with a chance to win over $20,000 every time!

In addition to the casino games available, guests can dance the night away and enjoy local performances, or simply grab a drink and mingle. Every Thursday, Friday and Saturday starting at 10 p.m. there is live entertainment.

The children

There are plenty of activities to keep the teenage children busy or the toddlers entertained while the adults relax. The staff are friendly and polite and the beach according to reviews is fantastic!

Where to book

If you are in Curacao and looking to stay at the Sunscape Curacao resort, spa and casino, why not visit the official website for further information. Visit

AMResorts is a collection of luxury resort destinations, each with its own unique personality. Every one of our resorts features sun- soaked beaches, luxurious accommodations, a world-class spa, gourmet dining, unlimited top-shelf spirits, and many other pampering amenities.

Where to gamble online

Play casino games online

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Managed casino hosting

We offer comprehensive, fully managed and affordable infrastructure solutions to online casinos that required Managed casino hosting and iGaming solutions to manage and run their casino-style games, betting exchanges, betting games, gaming platforms, online casinos and lotteries.

We are located in the E-Commerce Park E-Zone which is the islands most popular data center. We can tailor our services to meet the needs of your gaming application no matter what betting software you are running.


We have been operating in Curacao since 2006 and have been involved in the iGaming sector for over 12 years with premium industry customers located in Curacao, United Kingdom, Switzerland, Brazil and Asia. We specialize in enterprise hosting services and IT Solutions specifically geared towards the iGaming industry.

Managed casino hosting

We work closely with E-Commerce Park and its team of experienced Windows and Linux engineers. Combined with the skills of our Network Administrators and Software Engineers allows you to focus on your core business needs leaving the IT Infrastructure to us.

We can offer a number of solutions:

  1. Shared hosting
  2. Gambling VPS servers
  3. Dedicated servers
  4. Bespoke casino environments
  5. Co-Location services

Shared hosting for casinos

Our shared hosting solution is for small to micro casino businesses. These are tailored for the users with a unique idea but on a small budget. We can get your managed casino hosting up and running for as little as €40 per month.

Managed VPS servers for casinos

Our VPS servers have been designed to manage the hard-hitting casino environment and your medium-sized casino would do well on a set of these servers. We operate large enterprise gambling applications on our VPS servers and we can assure you they will do the job.

Managed dedicated servers for casinos

We have limited dedicated servers for rental which you may use should you wish to run your own enterprise casino environment.

Bespoke servers for casinos

We offer a hybrid environment for the casino wanting to take advantage of our shared, VPS and dedicated or co-located servers.

Co-location for casinos

Clients who are licensed in Curacao are required to own physical hardware on the island. We can offer refurbished machines or can facilitate the procurement of hardware for you if required.

General Services

We can set up your servers for you and install either Linux or Microsoft. Part of our service will be to ensure that your operating system is up to date and that the server is properly hardened.

Managed casino Services

If you require us to manage your casinos software environment, we can do this for you.

  1. We co-locate your hardware (and can offer a procurement service to obtain hardware for you if required)
  2. Your servers are installed in our rack cabinets
  3. We install software (Linux/Microsoft) and harden your servers for you
  4. We can configure your switches, Firewalls and VPN
  5. On-site 24/7 engineers to tend to your hardware needs

Before moving forward, make sure to get in touch with us, it costs you nothing and could save you a small fortune. We have been in the casino hosting business for a long enough time to know many tricks of the trade.

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Curacao iGaming and Enterprise Hosting Solutions for your casino

We work with Curacao iGaming companies and our role is to take care of and manage your hardware for you.

We are located in the E-Commerce Park E-Zone which is the islands most popular data center. We can tailor our services to meet the needs of your gaming application no matter what betting software you are running.

iGaming and Enterprise hosting solutions

  1. We co-locate your hardware (and can offer a procurment service to obtain hardware for you if required)
  2. Your servers are installed in our rack cabinets
  3. We install software (Linux/Microsoft) and harden your servers for you
  4. We can configure your switches, Firewalls and VPN
  5. On site 24/7 engineers to tend to your hardware needs

In addition to co-location services we offer a cloud hosting and shared hosting solution for your business to take care of email, backup, and other services your business will require.

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Cheap offshore VPS hosting

Congratulations! You have found an internet easter egg

The idea behind this page is to offer incredibly Cheap offshore vps hosting and to see who finds the service via the search engines! So if you are here, you have just found a product sold at below cost price.

We offer a Cheap offshore VPS hosting solution to our clients who are looking for a discrete and private location to host their data.

While our hosting is cheap, we have built our VPS servers on a highly redundant hardware pool. We use multiple hypervisors working together to ensure our servers are always online. Should critical hardware failure be experienced in any of our units, the next unit simply takes over. If you require high input output (I/O) rest assured that we only use SSD drives for our clients VPS servers. All our VPS servers are backed up to SAN storage and replicated to other hypervisors in a giant raid type system.

Where are your Cheap offshore VPS hosting servers located?

Our servers are located in Curacao, a Dutch colony off the coast of Venezuela/South America. Curacao enjoys strict privacy laws as well as incredible connectivity to the US and South America through Internap and LEVEL at NAP of the Americas. The Dutch colony enjoys many EU benefits but maintains its privacy which is why we built our cloud hosting platform here.

Servers are located in E-Commerce Park, Willemstad, which is a designated E-Zone on the island.

Why use Cheap offshore VPS hosting?

Our main reason for hosting in Curacao is due to the rapidly changing laws in the US and Europe that interfears with peoples businesses. It is very unlikely anyone will interfere with your business if it is hosted with us and you can be certain we do not take anyones nonsense without our local courts getting involved.

By using our web hosting service in Curacao, we guarantee your data will be safe from prying eyes. Curacao is a gambling friendly jurisdiction which is one of the many reasons making it an offshore hosting friendly destination.

How to get Cheap offshore VPS hosting?

Other than through this page, we do not advertise our cheap offshore VPS hosting solutions and you will not find a link to this service through any other page in our website. So if you want cheap VPS hosting, book mark this page!

How much will this Cheap offshore VPS hosting cost?

Important This is a secret VPS product tht you can get for €32 per month…

Virtual Private ServerVPS SERVERS

Hardware located in Curacao. VPS servers can be customised to suit your needs.


Select RAM, Cores, IP Addresses, Disk Space and more…

From: €34.50

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Malta Controlled Skill Game regulation

As of the 24th January 2017 the Malta Controlled Skill Game regulation has been in force. The MGA has been entrusted with the governance and regulation over the skill games sector which is covered in the Lotteries and Other Games ACT, article 78.

The MGA is empowered to regulate the sector in terms of a number of public policy objectives including consumer protection, fairness of the game and the prevention of fraud.

The purpose of the Controlled Skill Game regulations is to address a range of games which vary substantially from typical games of chance with the aim of differentiating between games that require state intervention and those that do not.

The MGA is empowered to issue a “Controlled Skill Game” license which is valid for 5 years (and renewable there after). The license additionally covers Controlled Skill Game Suppliers who offer games on a B2B basis. The license is subjected to a number of requirements including vetting of the persons behind the business, financial system auditing to ensure the system is sound and secure, measures are in place to prevent fraud and money laundering, segregation of player funds and a consumer centric approach to the business.

What fees apply to Controlled Skill Games?

License holders are subjected to administrative fees and a 5% tax over gaming revenue.

What games fall under the Controlled Skill Games license?

Games which are based on a random number generator at the start of the game, such as cards or dice, but which rely on skill as the game progresses, such as is in the case of games such as belote, tarot, rummy or backgammon, should be licensed, but in such a way as to be deemed different to gambling.

How do I know my game is a game of skill?

Regulation 3 of the regulation deals with classification of a game and criteria covers:

  • the presence of random draws and their effect on the outcome;
  • whether the game is played for money and, or prizes with a monetary value;
  • whether participation in a game involves any form of monetary commitment, or commitment of a monetary value
  • the possibility of any negative social impact of the game;
  • whether the activity is closely associated with games of chance and/or gambling;
  • the duration of each event, competition or match;
  • whether, on the face of it, a skilled player is able to win more than an unskilled player;
  • whether a player’s chance of winning is significantly increased by experience in playing the game
  • whether skill can be acquired through training, experience, reading literature or other educational material;
  • whether a rule-set or format that is used further nullifies the effect of any element of chance;
  • whether the game is played against other human players, or otherwise;
  • the level of interaction between the players, the level of interaction between the operator and the players, and the level of intervention by the operator during the event, competition or match; and
  • the complexity of the game, including the amount of player choices and their potential effect on the outcome, and the strategies involved.

Provided that when the Authority determines, basing itself on any one or more of the above criteria, that an activity is more akin to a game of chance or a game of chance and skill than to a skill game as intended by the Act and any regulations made thereunder, then such an activity shall not fall within the
parameters of this Schedule

Fantasy sports, for instance, will now fall under a Controlled Skills Game license

I have a gambling license, do I need a Controlled Skill Game license as well?

According to the paper titled Digital Games of Skill with Prize (December 2015) it is not worth getting a classification for your skilled games.

An operator offering both traditional games of chance via the internet, as well as games of mixed chance and skill, such as board games, would rather have such games regulated under their gambling licence, as the burden and
expense of proving that such games are more skill-based is not worth the recategorisation.

GamblingTec.com can power your games of skill

While regulations in most jurisdictions are still green, a time will come when games of skill will need to be regulated. In cases where they do, you are free to ingerate your games into the GamblingTec.com platform which operates off a gambling license.

For more information: licensing for game developers

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