Curacao iGaming and Enterprise Hosting Solutions for your casino

We work with Curacao iGaming companies and our role is to take care of and manage your hardware for you.

We are located in the E-Commerce Park E-Zone which is the islands most popular data center. We can tailor our services to meet the needs of your gaming application no matter what betting software you are running.

iGaming and Enterprise hosting solutions

  1. We co-locate your hardware (and can offer a procurment service to obtain hardware for you if required)
  2. Your servers are installed in our rack cabinets
  3. We install software (Linux/Microsoft) and harden your servers for you
  4. We can configure your switches, Firewalls and VPN
  5. On site 24/7 engineers to tend to your hardware needs

In addition to co-location services we offer a cloud hosting and shared hosting solution for your business to take care of email, backup, and other services your business will require.

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Host your website offshore

Did you know, you can host your website offshore and it is not too difficult!

In the past offshore hosting was synonomous to things like money laundering, shady businesses and similar perceptions. But today, offshore hosting is an essential part of doing business in a global economy and there are legitimate reasons to require your servers to be in a remote location.

Host your website offshore

When you send your servers to a distant county or in the case of Curacao, island, this is called ‘offshore web hosting’. You may do this to be close to your customers, for privacy reasons, licensing reasons (such as gambling licensing) and this will vary from person to person.

Host your website offshore in Curacao

We offer hosting from Curacao, which is an offshore hosting destination with incredible connectivity to the United States and South America. We work with financial services institutions, Caribbean-based companies as well as remote gambling companies. Customers host with us for license reasons, Curacao’s strict privacy laws, fiscal benefits and access to a multi-lingual workforce.

Why would you host your website offshore?

You may be wishing to host products and services that your home country has deemed illegal, such as a gambling website (which
is perfectly legal in Curacao). Poker, casino’s and similar offerings are banned in Asian countries, and for clients looking
to set up such a website, we would be a perfect fit.

Other reasons may be legal reasons such as what we call PE (Permanent Establishment) and in this case, this would apply to
Caribbean-based companies. You may wish to run an affiliate program such as bookmaker partner programs or pharmacy affiliate programs, which few countries will host.

About our offshore offerings

We offer shared hosting, co-location hosting, dedicated servers as well as VPS servers. We operate a redundant cloud with multiple hypervisors replicating client data and on super-fast hardware. Each point in our network has a failover solution such as switches, routers, servers which allows us to service hardware without the need to shut our network down, it also means that should hardware fail, our clients’ websites will stay online.

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I have years of experience with gambling hosting, casino games, Curacao licensing and online casinos

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Bitcoin casino hosting

We provide a Bitcoin casino hosting service for our customers casinos.

Why choose Curaca for my Bitcoin casino hosting?

We have been offering webhosting for a long time and from many different jurisdictions. If you have read stories about client servers being removed from racks or sniffers being attached to machines in certain jurisdictions, they are true and we have witnessed that and more. The reason for spending a premium on your bitcoin casino hosting is for privacy and peace of mind. The Laws in Curacao take privacy seriously and not only that, it is a gambling friendly jurisdictions with thousands of companies running casnios from the island. For this reason, it is unlikely that your hosting environment will be compromised in any way.

We here plenty of comments on forums talking about cheap hosting offerings for bitcoin casinos. Our advice, spend a little more and put your bitcoin infrastructure offshore. Laws in certain jurisdictions are as trigger happy as their local police and the laws change as fast as lightening. In our opinion, that is not a stable environment to host a potentially successful business.

And when your business does become successful, we will be here to help you with a Curacao gambling license or even a Maltese gambling license.

Do I need a gambling license to start a bitcoin casino?

In our opinion, you do not require a license (however this is subject to change and this should not be seen as legal advice). Most jurisdictions do not have clear regulations in terms of licensing cryptocurrency related casinos which is the reason behind this thinking.

The other thought is that cryptocurrency casinos are difficult to control, since they are blockchain based. This however does not mean licensing is not a good idea.

What does licensing offer?

Licensing offers a framework for you to operate by and to ensure the safety and security of all involved. For clients paying your games, licensing imposes certain responsibilities in terms of ensuring the integrity of the games offered. It also ensures that you are aware of how money laundering works and for your business not to be used as some form of washing machine. In some cases it will allow you to advertise in certain areas etc. So in our opinion, ‘some’ regulation is better than none and a Curacao based gambling license is an ideal license to start with.

What will bitcoin casino hosting cost me?

The resources required for your bitcoin casino will determine your hosting costs. If you can get away with a shared account, this can cost as little as €10 per month, if however you requiremnts are more demanding, a VPS server may be a better option for you.

Our suggestion to you is to get in touch to discuss your needs. We work on a one to one basis with our clients and the success of your business is the success of ours.

Where can I sign up for hosting?

Visit our casino hosting pages for more information on prices.

I need advice, who can I speak to?

Contact us via our support desk for more information and to arrange a time to talk to a consultant over skype. “A few minutes on the phone could save you a lot of time, trouble and money down the line.

I have years of experience with gambling hosting, casino games, Curacao licensing and online casinos