Cheap offshore VPS hosting

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The idea behind this page is to offer incredibly Cheap offshore vps hosting and to see who finds the service via the search engines! So if you are here, you have just found a product sold at below cost price.

We offer a Cheap offshore VPS hosting solution to our clients who are looking for a discrete and private location to host their data.

While our hosting is cheap, we have built our VPS servers on a highly redundant hardware pool. We use multiple hypervisors working together to ensure our servers are always online. Should critical hardware failure be experienced in any of our units, the next unit simply takes over. If you require high input output (I/O) rest assured that we only use SSD drives for our clients VPS servers. All our VPS servers are backed up to SAN storage and replicated to other hypervisors in a giant raid type system.

Where are your Cheap offshore VPS hosting servers located?

Our servers are located in Curacao, a Dutch colony off the coast of Venezuela/South America. Curacao enjoys strict privacy laws as well as incredible connectivity to the US and South America through Internap and LEVEL at NAP of the Americas. The Dutch colony enjoys many EU benefits but maintains its privacy which is why we built our cloud hosting platform here.

Servers are located in E-Commerce Park, Willemstad, which is a designated E-Zone on the island.

Why use Cheap offshore VPS hosting?

Our main reason for hosting in Curacao is due to the rapidly changing laws in the US and Europe that interfears with peoples businesses. It is very unlikely anyone will interfere with your business if it is hosted with us and you can be certain we do not take anyones nonsense without our local courts getting involved.

By using our web hosting service in Curacao, we guarantee your data will be safe from prying eyes. Curacao is a gambling friendly jurisdiction which is one of the many reasons making it an offshore hosting friendly destination.

How to get Cheap offshore VPS hosting?

Other than through this page, we do not advertise our cheap offshore VPS hosting solutions and you will not find a link to this service through any other page in our website. So if you want cheap VPS hosting, book mark this page!

How much will this Cheap offshore VPS hosting cost?

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Virtual Private ServerVPS SERVERS

Hardware located in Curacao. VPS servers can be customised to suit your needs.


Select RAM, Cores, IP Addresses, Disk Space and more…

From: €34.50

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