Belgium Gambling License

Belgium Gambling License

A Belgian gambling License is one of the few online gambling license attainable in Europe. Online gambling has been legal in the western European kingdom following the passing of the amended Gaming Act of 2011 in January of the same year.

Corporate tax: 33%

Gambling taxTBA%

Belgian Gambling License

Who manages E-Gambling in Belgium?

The Gaming Commission instituted in 1999 and is solely responsible for all gambling licensing in Belgium.



In January 2011, the new Belgian Gambling Act was enacted. Online games of chance were placed under the supervision of the Gaming Commission. The online licenses (A+, B+, and F1+) allow licensees of the following class licenses to operate games of chance online: Class A (operating casino operations); Class B (operating gaming arcades); and Class F1 (organizing wagers).Under the new Act, only licensed, land-based operators in Belgium may apply for an online license. The operators’ online gaming servers must be located in Belgium and the online games must be the same games offered in land-based operations. This law requires gaming operators to align themselves with an established brick-and-mortar Belgium casino or own one or more themselves. All operators are required to pay a €250,000 guarantee fee. All prior taxes and debts of license applicants must be paid prior to submitting an application. Operators are required to pay an 11 percent tax on all gross gaming revenues. The horse racing tax is 3 percent and pari-mutuel bets on foreign horse races are taxed at 3.7 percent.

The Act also increased the powers of the Gaming Commission, which can now impose fines in case of breach of the Gambling Act. The Act provides criminal penalties and/or administrative sanctions for any person involved in illegal games of chance. This not only applies to the operator who facilitates the illegal games of chance but also to participants.


The Blacklist

In order to manage and regulate online casinos, The Gambling Commission compiled a blacklist containing the domains belonging to unlicensed companies which is passed on to Internet service providers. Operators will face fines ranging between €100 to €100,000 should they be found operating illegally. It should also be noted that citizens will be punished with a €26 to €25,000 fine if found playing on a blacklisted site.

The list is regularly updated and as of July 2020, consisted of almost 200 sites.



Licence Fee:

Three licences available as follows:

NINE A+ licences (for casinos to operate online) Licence deposit of €250,000

180 B+ licences (for gaming arcades) Licence deposit of €75,000

34 F1+ licences (for wagers)


Licence Length:



Reporting Requirements to Regulators:

Financial information must be submitted upon applications regardless of which licence you’re applying for.


Anti-Money Laundering Policy:

Belgium has the core elements of a sound anti-money laundering and counter-terrorist financing (AML/CFT) regime, although some elements are not yet fully in line with the 2012 FATF Recommendations.

Country Restrictions:

Belgium allows for online gaming and gambilng exclusively to Belgian customers

Contact Details: 


Commission des Jeux de Hasard (Belgium Gaming Commission)

115 Boulevard de Waterloo




General Information: +32 25-040040

Fax: +32 25-040066

Online casinos licensed in Belgium :


Grand Games


Lucky Games


Napoleon Games

Versailles Palace

Gambling License Connecticut

Gambling License Connecticut

The fight for the legalization of online gambling has been ongoing for some time. presently, all forms of online gambling are yet to be legalized. However, the future seems bright. With growing pressure coming from the states casino lobby, the legalization may arrive before the end of 2020.

Corporate tax: 9%

Gambling tax: 6,7%

Who manages E-Gambling in Connecticut?

All gaming in the state with the exception of the state lottery is regulated by the Gaming Division of the Department of Consumer Protection.


Connecticut’s emergence as a gambling haven is relatively recent, but the state’s history with gambling goes back hundreds of years.  Lotteries were a popular form for raising funds for public projects during the state’s early days.  In the 1900s, Connecticut embarked on a slow but steady gambling expansion focused primarily around charitable gambling for the first half of the century. The lottery officially returned to Connecticut in 1972.

Is Online Gambling legal in Connecticut?

Today the state does not permit,license or regulate online gambling. All forms of online gambling excluding sweepstakes,are illegal. The use of out of state or foreign websites is also illegal when used from within Connecticut

While no state-licenses Connecticut gambling online site exists, there are literally thousands of online slots and casino websites for Connecticut residents to choose from. While none call Connecticut home in terms of headquarters, many of the online casinos for Connecticut residents are based on Native reserves, much like Foxwoods and Mohegan.

Anti-Money Laundering Policy:

All operators must comply with AML legislation in force.

Contact Details:

Department of Consumer Protection Act

Michael Elliott , Director

License Services Division

165 Capitol Avenue

Hartford, CT 06106

(860) 713-6000

FAX: (860) 713-7229

Email: dcp.licenseservices@ct.go

Online casinos licensed in Connecticut:





Lucky Red

Club World

Bovada Review

Aladdin’s Gold

Las Vegas USA

Bovada Poker


For more information on online gambling in the US, please see our Gambling license USA article.

Austria Gambling License

Austria Gambling License

An Austria gambling License may prove fruitful for those who can navigate the country’s restrictions. The growing gaming industry only adds to its allure. And with many of Europe’s most successful gambling companies originating from the landlocked country it is clear to see why.

Corporate tax: 25%

Gambling tax: 16%

Who manages E-Gambling in Austria?

Gambling, casinos, and lotteries are regulated by the Law on Games of Chance (GSpG) and fall within the remit of the Ministry of Finance. The Ministry of Finance is also the responsible authority for the supervision of licensed companies. And as of July 1st 2020 the Austrian Tax Authority became a regulator of E-gambling.


Based on the Austrian Gaming Act (Glücksspielgesetz), Austria-based companies are eligible for online gaming licenses to offer lottery services and casino games via the Internet, mobile phones, and interactive television but only Austrian residents are allowed to play. Foreign operators are required to have a corporation with a supervisory board, with a registered office on domestic territory or such a corporation founded within three months from obtaining a concession. The arrangement, organization, or provision of illegal online casino games is an offense as well as the promoting, arranging, or enabling the participation in online casino games. Offenses are also in place for the transfer of funds by banks paid by players to an organizer or provider of “illegal” online casino games.

Casinos Austria and Austrian Lotteries (Österreichische Lotterien GmbH) have been issued online gaming licenses to conduct online lotteries and casino games, thereby creating a monopoly. Austrian citizens may gamble online with foreign operators. Austria views remote bookmaking services as an extension of state-licensed, land-based operations.

Licence Fee:

€ 10 000.00 application fee and a fee of €100,000 payable when receiving a licence.

Anti-Money Laundering Policy:

The A-FIU is responsible for (i) combating money laundering by receiving, analysing and disseminating money laundering-related STRs, as well as for (ii) the receipt, analysis and dissemination of terrorist financing-related STRs for the purposes of money laundering. Should the STRs received by the A-FIU relate to terrorist financing then the A-FIU has to forward them to the Federal Agency for State Protection Counter Terrorism (Bundesamt für Verfassungsschutz und Terrorismusbekämpfung – BVT) which remains the competent authority for combating terrorist financing as such.

Austria Restrictions:

Each licensee has to set up legal entity in Austria. However, if the licensee has a comparable license in its host country and if there exists a comparable state authority providing information exchange and effecting control measures on site, the a foreign licensee can operate via an Austrian branch.

Contact Details:

Address : Austrian Ministry of Finance, Hintere Zollamtsstraße 2b, Vienna, Wien, Austria 1030



General Information: +43 1 514 330

Online casinos licensed in Austria:

Clover Betting

GW Bet

SJ Bet

Top Win

Cyprus Gambling License

Cyprus Gambling License

In order to obtain a Cyprus Gambling License, one will have to follow their strict guidelines precisely. The decision of approval lies with the National Betting authority and with this license online gambling companies can operate legally. Cyprus offers and encourages infrastructures for gaming. Licenses offered allow for operation within online sports betting, poker rooms, lotteries, casino and bingo sites. However, gambling at online casino’s is illegal. The only form of online gambling allowed legally is sports betting. This excludes betting on horse races. Nevertheless, a Cyprus gambling license is a one way ticket to a lucrative gaming industry within the island.


Corporate tax: 12,5%

Gambling tax: TBA%


Who manages E-Gambling in Cyprus?

National Betting Authority


Class B encompasses all electronic gambling. Applications for such a license that the applicant not be convicted by a court and for an individual must be 25 years and older. For corporates, a bookmaker license must be incorporated with premises in Cyprus. The provider must also prove that they have enough funds to pay out the players. Class B services are dealt with Section VI of the law, providers of online gambling services must adhere to the following:

– The registered name of the company,

– Registered address,

The official number and date of the licence and a statement that the use of the services by any minor is illegal under the Betting Law. All betting transactions must be handled with debit cards, credit cards or electronic funds transfer, cash handling is prohibited.

Minimum Share Capital for an iGaming Company:

€ 500 000.00

Licence Fee:

€30 000.00 for one year

€45 000.00 for two years

Licence Length:

1 / 2 years


Anti-Money Laundering Policy:

All operators must comply with AML legislation in force.

Country Restrictions:

The player must be 18 years and older and made aware of their actions and the fee they are responsible for.  Also the provider must ensure that the player has enough funds to cover their bet.  The institution must have a bank account within the Republic of Cyprus of which the player’s monies are deposited in for safekeeping; this must be separate from the institutions monies.


Contact Details:


Cyprus Ministry of Finance

Michael Karaoli and Gregori Afxentiou

Nicosia, Lefkosia

Cyprus 1439



General Information: +357 226 027 23


Online casinos licensed in Cyprus

  • 24Option
  • 7 Bingo
  • AnyOption
  • ApostenaBolsa
  • Backgammon Masters
  • Banc De Binary
  • Banc de Swiss
  • Banc Options
  • BestCasino
  • BestPoker
  • BetCrib
  • Binary 360
  • Binary Banc
  • Binary Markets
  • Bingo Anywhere
  • Bingo Bingo
  • Bingo Boat
  • Bingo Bytes
  • Bingo Cheers
  • Bingo Empire
  • Bingo Flame
  • BingoFest
  • BingoHouse
  • BingoSKY
  • Bingoville

Brazil Gambling License

Gambling license

Getting a hold of a Brazil Gambling license may prove difficult as the practice has been illegal and without structured legislation since 1946. The Law forbids ‘games of chance’ as referred to in the Decree Law. This includes: casino gaming, betting on horse races outside an authorized area and sports betting.

Intent on preserving social morality, legislators forbid the practice of gambling in 1941. The main purpose of this was to promote the benefits earned from hard work and thus condemning activities where money could be easily earned and consequently, lost.

Corporate Tax: 15% on adjusted net profit.

Gambling Tax: TBA%

Who manages E-Gambling in Brazil?

Currently the state owned Federal Savings Bank is in charge of Lotteries as well as permit grants for companies interested in selling lottery tickets. As it stands, Brazilian government stand for the prohibition of gambling however there have been proposed reforms such as Senate Bill No. 186/2014. The bill state that all online gambling will be exclusively operated by the Federal Savings Bank.


There is currently no licensing regime for online gambling in Brazil. However there is no specific regulation regarding social gaming.So long as the game is deemed legal by Brazilian standards, no issues or licensing requirements should arise.

Anti-Money Laundering Policy

In 1998, the Brazilian Government established the Council for Financial Activities Control within the Ministry of Finance under the law No. 9.613.  The Council issues regulations directed at activities of industries that may give way to money laundering, such as gambling.

Country Restrictions:

As stated before, online gambling as well as land-based gambling is prohibited.

Contact details:


Head office:

 SBS Quadra 4 Lotes 3 E 4
Edificio Sede 21 Andar, Brasilia, D

General Information:

55 61 3414 9816