Austria Gambling License

Austria Gambling License

An Austria gambling License may prove fruitful for those who can navigate the country’s restrictions. The growing gaming industry only adds to its allure. And with many of Europe’s most successful gambling companies originating from the landlocked country it is clear to see why.

Corporate tax: 25%

Gambling tax: 16%

Who manages E-Gambling in Austria?

Gambling, casinos, and lotteries are regulated by the Law on Games of Chance (GSpG) and fall within the remit of the Ministry of Finance. The Ministry of Finance is also the responsible authority for the supervision of licensed companies. And as of July 1st 2020 the Austrian Tax Authority became a regulator of E-gambling.


Based on the Austrian Gaming Act (Glücksspielgesetz), Austria-based companies are eligible for online gaming licenses to offer lottery services and casino games via the Internet, mobile phones, and interactive television but only Austrian residents are allowed to play. Foreign operators are required to have a corporation with a supervisory board, with a registered office on domestic territory or such a corporation founded within three months from obtaining a concession. The arrangement, organization, or provision of illegal online casino games is an offense as well as the promoting, arranging, or enabling the participation in online casino games. Offenses are also in place for the transfer of funds by banks paid by players to an organizer or provider of “illegal” online casino games.

Casinos Austria and Austrian Lotteries (Österreichische Lotterien GmbH) have been issued online gaming licenses to conduct online lotteries and casino games, thereby creating a monopoly. Austrian citizens may gamble online with foreign operators. Austria views remote bookmaking services as an extension of state-licensed, land-based operations.

Licence Fee:

€ 10 000.00 application fee and a fee of €100,000 payable when receiving a licence.

Anti-Money Laundering Policy:

The A-FIU is responsible for (i) combating money laundering by receiving, analysing and disseminating money laundering-related STRs, as well as for (ii) the receipt, analysis and dissemination of terrorist financing-related STRs for the purposes of money laundering. Should the STRs received by the A-FIU relate to terrorist financing then the A-FIU has to forward them to the Federal Agency for State Protection Counter Terrorism (Bundesamt für Verfassungsschutz und Terrorismusbekämpfung – BVT) which remains the competent authority for combating terrorist financing as such.

Austria Restrictions:

Each licensee has to set up legal entity in Austria. However, if the licensee has a comparable license in its host country and if there exists a comparable state authority providing information exchange and effecting control measures on site, the a foreign licensee can operate via an Austrian branch.

Contact Details:

Address : Austrian Ministry of Finance, Hintere Zollamtsstraße 2b, Vienna, Wien, Austria 1030



General Information: +43 1 514 330

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