Booongo Games – iGaming Provider

Booongo Games - iGaming Provider
Booongo Games – iGaming Provider

Booongo is a fairly new game provider but have already made a name for itself within the iGaming industry.

Booongo makes use of modern technologies that help them deliver top market video slot titles. This includes various software for 2D and 3D animations that guarantee HD quality of their games, as well as HTML5 which is a basis for all of their games.

The casino software provider produces high-quality games designed to attract players and keep them entertained.

Their excellent game design is a product of the members of the Booongo development team , who are not just software developers but players too.

Booongo Software

Booongo games run on HTML5 technology, allowing the company to deliver its games across multiple platforms. Additionally, this technology allows for smooth gameplay across each platform. And the user-friendly interface ensures easy navigation.

Games available are also heavily customisable making them appealing to operators looking to keep player negagement high.

Games are also accessible all over the world and are available in 18 languages. However, there is a possibility of integrating other languages.


When it comes to game design, Booogo is among the best. Currently, there are a total of 47 themed slots available on it’s a platform with a few more on their way. Giving operators a wide variety of titles to choose from.

Booongo Games
Booongo Games

Credibility and licensing

Booongo is licensed by Curacao. It also utilises the services of Quinrl and iTech Labs to confirm the credibility and fairness of its games. Both companies are some of the leading testing laboratories in the iGaming industry that certify the RNG of casino games.

Despite being new to the online gambling scene, Booongo games has thrived tremendously. Growing exponentially through the years the company has shown great progress in an industry brimming with competetion.This is thanks to the company’s transparancy and commitment to providing players with the best experience they have to offer.

Curacao Legal Structures – The Curacao Trust


The Curaçao Trust was introduced in January 2012 as an alternative to the Private Foundation. Unlike the Private Foundation the Curaçao Trust is based on the Anglo-Saxon Trust.

Formation and Obligation:

A Curaçao Trust is established by a Trust Deed that has to be executed before a Civil Law Notary practicing in Curaçao. This condition also applies if the Trust Deed has to be amended or revoked later. Furthermore, the Curaçao Trust must be registered with the Curaçao Chamber of Commerce & Industry.

The Trust may be created during the Settlors’ life or in a will drawn up by a Civil Law Notary. The Trust is governed by the terms under which it was created as laid down in the Trust Deed.


The settlor settles assets to a Trustee (legal entity or individual) who holds and manages these Trust’s assets for the Beneficiaries or for a specific purpose.


The Trustee carries the fiduciary responsibility and liability to manage the Trust’s assets in accordance with both the terms of the Trust Deed and the governing law. Furthermore, the Trustee is obliged to administer the Trust’s assets separately from other funds.

The assets held in trusteeship are removed from the Settlor’s equity and will only become part of the Beneficiaries’ equity when the Trust issues a distribution to such.

At all times there must be one local Trustee. The Trust Deed must include a provision to prevent a situation where there is none.


The Beneficiaries must be clearly identified in the Trust Deed. The Settlor can appoint himself as Beneficiary. Individuals not yet born or legal entities not yet established at the time of creation of the Trust, may be appointed provided they are sufficiently ascertainable.


The Trust Deed may include a provision for the appointment of a Protector of the Trust’s assets. The Protector can be compared to the Supervisory Board Member of a Foundation or a Limited Liability Company. The Trust Deed must specify who can appoint a Protector as well as his duties if there is a provision for such.


  1. Estate planning and inheritance – the establishment of a Curaçao Trust can be attractive both from a fiscal as well as a controlling point of view.
  2. Passive finance activities – the Curaçao Trust can provide loans to related or unrelated parties.
  3.  Structuring private pension – as to achieve tax advantages.
  4.  Protection of assets – by placing assets in Trust the assets can be protected against political or economic instability.
  5.  Investments – as the trust is not limited to certain activities, it can be attractive for investment purposes.
  6. Business Trust – as an alternative to depository receipts for the separation of economic and voting rights.


The Curaçao Trust is exempt from Corporate Income Tax if the Curaçao Trust does not operate an enterprise. Investment activities together with passively holding shares in subsidiaries do in principle not qualify as operating an enterprise.

To avoid any doubts whether the Curaçao Trust operates an enterprise or not, a tax ruling may be obtained with the Tax Inspectorate in Curaçao.

However, the Curaçao Trust that does not operate an enterprise may request that it is regarded as a taxable entity, a so-called funding capital. The Corporate Income Tax rate is in that case 10% on regular income as well as capital gains.

If opted for the status of funding capital, this will apply for a minimum period of three years. After that period the Curaçao Trust may, upon request, return to the exempt status.

Turnover Tax :

If the Curaçao Trust delivers goods and provides services as an entrepreneur or imports goods, it will in principle be subject to Turnover Tax.

If the Curaçao Trust has been granted a foreign exchange license by the Central Bank of Curaçao and St. Maarten it is not considered an entrepreneur for Turnover Tax purposes to the extent it performs foreign –oriented activities.

Withholding Tax:

There is no withholding tax on dividend, royalty or interest payments.

Gift Tax:

Contributions of assets to the Curaçao Trust by non- Curaçao residents are exempt from Curaçao gift tax. Every distribution from a Curaçao Trust is exempt from gift tax.

Personal income tax:

Distributions by the Curaçao Trust to non-Curaçao residents are exempt from Curaçao Personal Income Tax.

We work with a number of Trust Companies in Curacao to ensure that our clients receive the best possible corporate service alongside our gambling hosting service and this article was put together with Pearl Trust, a Trust company from Curacao.

If you are interested in corporate structures, trusts etc. Just click on the WhatsApp link to get in touch immediately.

Habanero – Game Provider

Habanero - Game Provider

Habanero creates Slot and Table games popular in both Western and Asian gaming markets. The company is well known for its high-quality online casino games powered by the latest HTML5 technology.

The game provider produces quality RNG games which boast graphically-rich content and amazing sound in an easy to understand and user-friendly way.

Habanero Software

The software provider offers over 100 games with countless bonus features and jackpots.

Key Features:

  • All the products are iTechLab certified.
  • Targeted themes and mathematical algorithms.
  • Full HD quality of graphics and animations.
  • Music and sounds of excellent quality.
  • Appeal to mobile markets: seamless work on every device, portrait and landscape modes. All games are built on HTML5.
  • Playing multiple games simultaneously is available.
  • Real-time game history.
  • Outstanding bonus features.
  • Jackpots – available both local and global.
  • Multilinguality.
  • Multicurrency.
  • User-friendly interface.


Habanero releases games monthly, as of March 2021 the company’s portfolio consists of 119 Slots, 13 table games and 10 video poker games. Games are offered in 21 languages and run on modern HTML5 technology. Therefore games are able to run smoothly on all devices, including desktop devices, tablets and mobile phones.

Habanero - Game Provider
Fa Cai Shen Deluxe
  • Horizontal And Vertical Pays 5 columns x 5 rows
  • High Volatility
  • Fa Cai Shen expands to cover 3 symbols on the reels.
  • Win 8, 18, 28 or 88 Free Games for Gold Ingot Scatter.
  • Fa Cai Shen is guaranteed to appear twice every Free Game.
  • 3 – 30 symbols change into the same High Win symbol at the start of random Free Games
Habanero - Game Provider
  • 28 Lines, 5 columns x 3 rows
  • Very High volatility
  • Scatter symbols trigger Free Games.
  • Collect all 5 elemental symbols during Free games round to trigger Bonus Feature where Nuwa is guaranteed to expand twice every spin and all prizes are Tripled
Habanero - Game Provider
Colossal Gems
  • 30 Lines, 6 columns x 5 rows
  • Low Volatility
  • Any win awards a Re-Spin. • 2×2, 3×3 and 4×4 symbols are guaranteed to land respectively during the 1st, 2nd and 3rd Re-Spin.
  • 6 Free Games are awarded after
  • THREE consecutive Re-Spin wins.
  • At least one Colossal Gem is guaranteed to appear during each Free Spin.

Spinomenal – Game Provider

Spinomenal - Game Provider

Spinomenal is a certified software provider to the online casino industry. Games offered are incredibly light and boast excellent graphics and fully support HTML5 features.

Founded in 2014, Spinomenals portfolio has grown exponentially. As of 2021, the provider offers just over 100 original HTML5 games with 1 to 3 new releases each month.

The company has become one of the fastest-growing content providers in the industry and has done so in record time. Thus solidifying their position as an innovative solutions provider.

Software and Products

Spinomenal has also introduced its own Aggregation Platform, a one-stop integration system that grants access to over 2000 games from a number of trustworthy third party providers. Games offered by the company are extremely memory- taking up no more than 3 megabytes.

Software Features
  • In-browser play: YES
  • Demo Play: YES
  • Video Quality: High
  • Mobile: YES
  • Platform: HTML5
  • Game Features: Buy feature, wilds, scatters, free spins
Game Aggregation Platform

Spinomenal’s state of the art content platform provides operators with a wide range of integration solutions. The Spinomenal Aggregation Platform (SAP) offers a one-stop integration system through reliable and creative API’s.

Virtual Lottery Terminal

Games are easily displayed across virtual terminals.

Casino Manager

As a modernized backend system, the Casino Manager will become the heart and soul of operations. The system grants operators instant access to various creative tools that will assist in profit growth and help risk management.

Social Gaming Deep Intergration

Games offer several features ranging from custom notifications and in-game events, to level support, tournaments and achievements.

Blockchain Honest Control

Blockchain Honesty Control is precisely what you need to take your crypto casino to the next level. This solution provides an experience that guarantees the players’ satisfaction.

Spinomenal Games

Spinomenal offers a range of games including Scratch games, Table games and Dice Games. However, it’s most sought after games are slots. High-speed slots excel at loading time, have an optimal set of expandable features and quality graphics. Players can engage in a large variety of themes such as jungles, mythology and much more.