Bitcoin Casino Licensing

Bitcoin casino licensing

If you own a Bitcoin casino or want to start one, then look no further, we can help you with your bitcoin casino licensing

We work with gamlbing business in Curacao and from around the world and lately, we have been hosting more and more Bitcoin casinos. One of the questions we are asked by customers and potential customers is whether or not we can help with their Bitcoin casino licensing and how to get a license for their casino? Well, we license and host bitcoin based casinos from Curacao which is an excellent and affordable jurisdiction for your endeavors.

Do I need a bitcoin casino license?

Traditional casinos are controlled via banking relationships. Casinos that are not licensed can not accept payments. Clearly with
Bitcoin based casinos, this is not an issue since bitcoin is decentralised and while we believe less centralisation is a good thing we believe any Bitcoin casino that
opts to obtain a remote gambling license shows both good faith and accountability to their customers.

Curacao legislation fully supports cryptocurrency casinos with a few provisions one of which is that you may not convert cryptocurrency to fiat and vise versa as part of your endeavors. So if a client deposits Bitcoin, they must play their games in Bitcoin.

What will a Bitcoin license cost?

We would recommend budgeting at least €30,000 per annum to manage your licensed Bitcoin casino. Take a look at our article on the costs of a Curacao license to get an idea of what you will be spending.

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