Bitcoin Casino License | How to license your Bitcoin casino

We help our clients with a Bitcoin casino license. If you own a Bitcoin casino or want to start one, then look no further, we can help you with your bitcoin casino license requirements as well as bitcoin hosting and related technical needs. Our services are not limited to Bitcoin but also cover cryptocurrency, blockchain and smart contract based casino licensing as well.

About bitcoin casino license

There is no difference between a traditional gambling license, for fiat currency casinos, and a license for a Bitcoin casino. What differs is the operation of the casino. With a traditional casino, you need your license to get a bank account, credit card processing, e-wallets etc. Without the license, financial institutions are not going to work with you.

We work with two jurisdictions for licensing, Malta and Curacao. Curacao is more an entry level gambling license which companies use for secondary markets and Malta is more a “blue chip” type license used to target Europe. Bring your Gold bars if you want a Maltese gambling license for your Bitcoin casino.

Do I need a Bitcoin casino license?

If you want to offer your clients security that you are a legitimate company, then yes you do need licensing.

If however you genuinely can not afford to get a license then perhaps look at partnering with which is a company working with small start up casino operations.

If is out of your budget then at the very least host your casino in a gambling friendly casino as you will be asking for trouble otherwise.

We have heard the arguments that Traditional casinos are controlled via banking relationships which is governed by the gambling license. Casinos that are not licensed can not accept payments as the banks will either freeze funds or refuse to move those funds. Clearly with Bitcoin based casinos, this is not an issue since Bitcoin is decentralised so you can run a casino without a license and there is not much that any authority can do to stop you. Will customers use your casino over someone elses? Some will and some wont…

Curacao legislation fully supports Bitcoin casinos with a few provisions one of which is that you may not act as a cryptocurrency exchange. So if a client deposits Bitcoin, they must play their games in Bitcoin.

What does Bitcoin casino license cost?

We have answered this question in detail for the two jurisdictions we work with, please read this post on Curacao gambling licensing costs, and Malta gambling licensing costs.

To provide a very brief answer. For Curacao you will spend around €30k in your first year. And for Malta, a LOT more.

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We have extensive experience with licensing and company structures. It costs you nothing to start a conversation over Skpe of Email. In a single conversation we can advise you on all the options (we have heard them all and can support most of them).

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Bitcoin casino hosting

We provide a Bitcoin casino hosting service for our customers casinos.

Why choose Curaca for my Bitcoin casino hosting?

We have been offering webhosting for a long time and from many different jurisdictions. If you have read stories about client servers being removed from racks or sniffers being attached to machines in certain jurisdictions, they are true and we have witnessed that and more. The reason for spending a premium on your bitcoin casino hosting is for privacy and peace of mind. The Laws in Curacao take privacy seriously and not only that, it is a gambling friendly jurisdictions with thousands of companies running casnios from the island. For this reason, it is unlikely that your hosting environment will be compromised in any way.

We here plenty of comments on forums talking about cheap hosting offerings for bitcoin casinos. Our advice, spend a little more and put your bitcoin infrastructure offshore. Laws in certain jurisdictions are as trigger happy as their local police and the laws change as fast as lightening. In our opinion, that is not a stable environment to host a potentially successful business.

And when your business does become successful, we will be here to help you with a Curacao gambling license or even a Maltese gambling license.

Do I need a gambling license to start a bitcoin casino?

In our opinion, you do not require a license (however this is subject to change and this should not be seen as legal advice). Most jurisdictions do not have clear regulations in terms of licensing cryptocurrency related casinos which is the reason behind this thinking.

The other thought is that cryptocurrency casinos are difficult to control, since they are blockchain based. This however does not mean licensing is not a good idea.

What does licensing offer?

Licensing offers a framework for you to operate by and to ensure the safety and security of all involved. For clients paying your games, licensing imposes certain responsibilities in terms of ensuring the integrity of the games offered. It also ensures that you are aware of how money laundering works and for your business not to be used as some form of washing machine. In some cases it will allow you to advertise in certain areas etc. So in our opinion, ‘some’ regulation is better than none and a Curacao based gambling license is an ideal license to start with.

What will bitcoin casino hosting cost me?

The resources required for your bitcoin casino will determine your hosting costs. If you can get away with a shared account, this can cost as little as €10 per month, if however you requiremnts are more demanding, a VPS server may be a better option for you.

Our suggestion to you is to get in touch to discuss your needs. We work on a one to one basis with our clients and the success of your business is the success of ours.

Where can I sign up for hosting?

Visit our casino hosting pages for more information on prices.

I need advice, who can I speak to?

Contact us via our support desk for more information and to arrange a time to talk to a consultant over skype. “A few minutes on the phone could save you a lot of time, trouble and money down the line.

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