Cost of a gambling license in Curacao


So you are looking for a gaming license? You may have looked at more traditional jurisdictions such as the UK or Malta however you have come to the realisation that the gaming license cost is a significant factor in your decision making process.

Your local gambling commission license requirements may be too onerous for your needs or simply too expensive. All you want is an online gambling license to service your immediate needs without having to re-mortgage your home.

A Curacao gaming license is probably your most affordable option to get your casino, poker, bingo, sports book, lottery or raffle licensed and ready to make money online! It is more affordable than a Malta gaming license and less bureaucratic. In additional to this, Curacao corporate structures offer low tax incentives and offer great legal protection.

Word of warning

Some of our readers point out that a costa rica gambling license is considered a “cheap gambling license”. Be warned, it is not an actual gaming license but rather a data license. More often than not, financial institutions will not work with an entity using this for their gaming licensing purposes.

What we cover

Curacao is possibly the most affordable offshore gambling jurisdiction to be licensed in and comes with significant tax incentives. The purpose of this document is to answer the following questions:

  1. How do you obtain the gambling/casino license?
  2. How much will the gambling license cost?
  3. How long will it take to get the license?
  4. What casino businesses can I operate with the license?
  5. Where will the gambling license be valid?
  6. What taxes will I need to pay?

Steps to get your Curacao gambling license

In order to obtain the Curacao gambling license, you will need to go through an eGaming application process. The process is quick, so long as you have all the required documents in place.

  1. Incorporate a Curacao company with e-zone status (only local companies can apply for gambling licenses)
  2. Purchase hardware and sign up with local hosting (you are required to own physical hardware on the island)
  3. Apply for company bank accounts (even if you plan to a run a Bitcoin casino, you still need to pay your bills using traditional currency)
  4. Apply for e-wallets, Psps etc. (you will need reliable processors)

NOTE: Due to PE (Permanent Establishment rules) hardware is required to be owned on the island with the minimum requirement being that you host your client database on that server. This is something we can help you with and have reliable and resiliant solutions for your needs.

How much will a Curacao gambling license cost?

The following are cost “estimates” only and should not be seen as some form of “Quote”. While we have tried to keep this information as up to date as possible, prices do change especially when considering the legal burdens, due diligence when processing gambling license applicatioins.

Incorporation and management costs

You will be working with a local management company who will take care of filings and general administration requirements. They will also be responsible for setting up your e-zone company and applying for your gambling license.

  1. EUR5500 – EUR6500 one-time Incorporation fee
  2. EUR3250 – EUR5250 annual management fee
  3. EUR200 monthly administration costs (varies)

You can spend anything from EUR14000 – EUR24,000 in your first year.

Licensing costs

Licensing fees for the online gaming (sub)license are:

  1. EUR4500 (annual) license fee (costs vary between providers and we will make sure you get the best deal)
  2. EUR1000 – (one-time) application fee
  3. EUR250 – e-zone application and yearly fee

Hardware costs

You are required to own hardware on the island in order to satisfy the permanent establishment requirement (PE). This is not as difficult as you may at first imagine and we can help you with finding a second hand machine pre-existing on the island or having one flown in. If you work with us for your hosting needs, we will provide you with a shared hosting account, a VPS server all linked up to your hardware.

  1. Server cost: EUR1200
  2. Hosting costs: EUR5400/annum (with us)

You are also free to host with the local data center, however this is not a managed environment and does not come with cloud and shared hosting options as part of the deal.

How long does the gambling licensing application process take

It should not take more than three weeks.

What casino businesses can I operate under a Curacao license?

Curacao has one license which covers all genre of gaming. You are free to offer betting, lottery, casino games, sports books, raffles and games of your own invention. If you are in doubt, get in touch and we will confirm whether a service is applicable or not.

Where is a Curacao gambling license valid?

The Curacao gambling license allows you to work in unregulated jurisdictions. While you can still service players in some regulated jurisdictions, you can not market to those users. The following jurisdictions however are expressly forbidden: Aruba, Bonaire, Curacao, France, The Netherlands, Saba, Statia, St. Maarten, Singapore, USA…

What taxes will I need to pay with my Curacao Gambling License?

E-Zone companies pay 2% tax.

How to get your curacao gambling license

Curacao is certainly the cheapest jurisdiction for your gambling license and we are here to help you with the application process. We are also available, at no cost, to assist you with your needs over skype or email.

Contact us for more information or request a free consultation.


If you are on a tight budget, we recommend taking a look at works with game developers and start up casino operators. Game developers integrate their games into the licensed platform and operators offer those games via uniquely branded websites and application which are integrated into the wallet.

This is by far the best entry level option available to you. Your GamblingTec casino can be converted into a stand alone licensed environment at a later date which is very convenient.


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