Start an online gambling business

Start an online gambling business

When thinking of starting your own online gambling business, you may be tempted to go the whole hog from licensing, to incorporation, to writing your own software. And if you have the cash to do this, you may be tempted to believe this is the right approach.

We believe there is a smarter approach, this is how it works.

  1. Use a gambling programme manager such as who holds the neccessary licensing, payment solutions, software relationships etc.
  2. Set up your casino (can be done in a relativly short space of time)
  3. Test your concept.

If you are a game developer and your reason to get licensed is so that you can offer your game to your users, you can easily integrate your game into the platform. This is a relativly simple process.

If your test bare fruit, you are in a very good position to start the process of licensing direct and will help you with this process through their network.

Feel free to drop us a support email if you want more information or visist

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