Bitcoin casino hosting

Bitcoin casino hosting

So you are looking to host your Bitcoin casino? We host quite a few crypto currency casinos and the reason for hosting them in Curacao is to keep your hardware out of a jurisdiction where the laws change faster than lightning. Curacao is a gambling friendly jurisdiction and crypto currency based casinos are welcome.

Do I need a gambling license to run a bitcoin casino?

In our opinion, you do not require a license (however this is subjected to change and this should not be seen as legal advice). Most jurisdictions do not have clear regulation in terms of licensing cryptocurrency related businesses which is the reason behind this thinking. In addition to this, even if regulation does exist, it is pretty difficult to control.

Having said that, we do believe that ‘some’ regulation is better than none and for this reason a Curacao based gambling license would be an affordable fit for a cryptocurrency or bitcoin casino.

What will hosting cost me?

Hosting your casino with us requires a VPS server and the price of this server starts at €95 per month.

If you are a licensed Curacao based casino, you will require hardware on the island and your monthly hosting costs will be around €450 + per month.

Where can I sign up for hosting?

Visit our casino hosting pages for more information on prices.