Gambling terms and phrases or Bet slang

Gambling terms and phrases

If you are a complete novice at gambling, you will probably want to know what are some gambling terms and phrases mean before you head out and play at your local casino!

This article is a work in progress and we aim to cover as many terms as possible.

General gambling terms

The following is a quick synopsis, in alphabetical order, of common terms you will find at a given casino. If you want a full list you can visist the gamblingsites glossary which covers terms used by online casinos in addition to land based casinos.

Automatic card shuffling. Some casinos will have this machine at the card tables which is used to shuffle the cards.
This is the initial bet required before a game will start. Typically used in card games such as poker. The term “ante” means “before” in Latin.
The banker manages winnings and losses. They will take the lost bets and pay winnings to the winners.
The money you have in chips that you will use for gambling. It can also be the casino’s bankroll which is used to service winners.
Your wager or stake you put at risk in order to stand a chance of winning more than your initial bet.
Bet Limit
The minimum and maximum bet allowed for a given game.
A type of reward or incentive offered by casinos for achieving certain goals such as signing up and making a deposit.
Burn card
the top card of a deck which is removed after a shuffle.
This is the place where cash and casino chips are stored.
Card Washing
When the dealer spreads the cards on the table. Its a form of shuffling.
Cashier’s Desk
The area where you will exchange chips for cash, typically found near the Cage.
When a player increment bet sizes in order to win back losses. This is a quick way to lose money.
Chip Tray
The tray found near the dealer of a given game. It is a bit like a till in a shop.
Plastic styled discs used to represent real money.
Coat Tail
Follow someone elses bets.
Cold streak
A run of bad luck.
Free goods and service in return for playing. “Comp husstling” is when a player minimises losses in return for comps. And in many instances, “comp points” are used as a means to reward players.
Continuous card shuffling (CSM)
A machine that continuously shuffles cards during game pay, typically used to discourage card counting.
An employee at the casino in charge of running a table.
Cut card
A blank plastic card used to separate a deck of cards.
An employee at the casino in charge of running a table.
Deck penetration
A term used to describe the percentage of a deck before it is re-shuffled.
Dice control
A way to throw a dice in order to control the outcome.
Dirty money
The losing bets collected at the end of a game.
Discard tray
A tray found next to the dealer containing the discarded cards.
Down card
A card dealt face down.
Even Money Bet
A bet with odds of 1:1.
Expected win rate
A game with odds of 99% will return $99 for very $100 bet in the long term.
Eye in the sky
A security camera in a casino.
Face card
A King, Queen or Jack.
Face down card
A card dealt face down.
Face up card
A card dealt face up.
Flat betting
When each stake bet is the same.
Gamblers fallacy
Believing the outcome of a bet is influenced by the previous outcome.
Gross winnings
A card dealt face down.
High roller
A player that places large bets at a given table. Typically Poker and Blackjack.
Hot streak
A player who is on a winning streak.
Hot table
A table with a lot of winners on it.
A term used to describe the casino.
House edge
The built in advantage that the casino has over its players.
House rules
The rules of a specific casino.
A large prize typically associated to a slot machine or some type of progressive game.
A player that places large bets at a given table. Typically Poker and Blackjack.
Maximum Bet
The highest amount a player can bet.
Minimum Bet
The lowest amount a player can bet.
Multi-Hand Game
Any game where the player can play more than one hand.
Multi-Player Game
Any game that can accommodate more than one playwer.
Net winnings
A players profit from his bets.
A slang terms used to describe the royal cards.
The amount paid out after a bet.
A designated area for a certain selection of games in a land based casino. This area is typically run by the Pit Boss.
Another way of saying “tie”.
A casino located at a horse racing track.
A card dispenser used at casinos.
Randomly mixing up cards.
Side bet
A bet unrelated to the outcome of a given game. For example, the suit of the next card to be drawn.
The bet size.
A slang term used to describe a player who does not tip, as apposed to a “George”.
A slang term used to describe a tip to the dealer.
Table odds
The profit made by a table over a specified period of time.
A player that plays high stakes.