Gambling license for Loot Boxes

What is a loot box?

Loot boxes are an incredible form of lottery for everybody who wants to win exciting upgrades while playing online video games. Regardless of whether you are anticipating upgrading your character or level in a game or just playing video games for fun, loot boxes can be a means of great entertainment. Loot boxes are basically the jackpots or boxes that let you win different items based on luck. It all relies on chance just like poker machines. Basically, these boxes let you win different incredible virtual items while playing any video game. You can make transactions and buy different virtual items like gold coins, extra lives, arms and weapons or just upgrade your level. These loot boxes allow you to progress in the game quickly and also let you enjoy the advanced levels of game.

What can you win with loot boxes?

These stunning loot boxes give you a golden chance to win a huge number of virtual items that you wish to gain in your game. While playing the online video games, you might be given an offer to buy a loot box. These loot boxes normally offer great prizes to the players in exchange of money. The items inside the box are consumable. You can also personalize these loot boxes containing virtual items of your choice. Many times, these loot boxes contain random virtual items and provide you an opportunity to change the avatar of your player. You can buy advanced armor of your choice. When the players buy these loot boxes, you can also redeem them later through different keys or codes.

Purpose of loot boxes

These loot boxes are effortlessly available and have been intended to give you an interesting chance of winning different virtual rewards. They also give you a chance to test your luckiness. Sometimes even with all the essential gaming abilities, you still need some kind of push to go forward in a game. This is where these loot boxes come to your rescue. These jackpots make diverse items accessible to the players and you will doubtlessly savor the opportunity to buy them. You just have to purchase these loot boxes and see what it has in store for you!

Why are lootboxes so desired?

The best thing about loot boxes is that they keep your interest going on while playing the video games by introducing new dimensions to the game. Moreover, they are a means of generating revenue for those free online video games that don’t charge you otherwise while registering. The loot boxes are particularly interesting as they can surprise the players with rare items sometimes. You can get a special award or a rare outfit through the loot box. In some cases, your player might get superpower for a certain time. Most of these boxes have been designed just like slot games, therefore they are a popular type of basic level gambling. In some cases, these loot boxes are given out to the players as a reward to watching various advertisements or promotional videos that might pop up on your screen.


Therefore, we can conclude that regardless of whether you are an enthusiast of cards games, avatar games, role playing games or action games, loot boxes are extremely extraordinary and give you the opportunity to attempt your fortunes!

Are loot boxes a form of gambling?

Legislators throughout Europe are unanimous in their decision that loot baxes are a form of gambling and require a gambling license and it is aleged that prosecutors are readying themselves to target unlicensed loot box owners.

How to get a gambling license for loot boxes?

Getting a gambling license for a loot box business can be expensive especially if you choose to setup and apply for a Curacao license or a Malta license. However, going through this expense is unncessary when you can work with a company such as who will issue you with a white label casino license in order for you to operate your loot box operation.