Curacao Gambling License

Curacao Gambling License

A Curacao Gambling License is probably the best license to start with since it is realtively simple and straightforward to obtain with very little bureaucracy as well as being affordable and widely accepted.

Once you have your Curacao Gambling License, you are free to obtain additional licenses in order to widen your reach in terms of jurisdictions you are able to target.

At curacao webhosting, we host a wide variety of casinos:

  • Bitcoin casinos
  • Ethereum casinos
  • NEO casinos
  • Cryptocurrency casinos

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We have a comprehensive flyer outlining costs and processes you need to follow to get your license. We can answer any questions you may have relating to a license, hosting, jurisdictions, best companies to work with, companies to avoid, how to obtain processing and which banks to work with.

If you are on a budget, we can also assist with alternative ways to get your business up and running under a licensed structure. Just ask, we are a wealth of information and we are happy to share it with you. We offer a free consulation service if you wish to speak to us directly.

Contact us via our support desk for more information!